The Avocado’s Favorite Film Director – ROUND 2!

“Film is not an easy occupation. There’s a lot of occupations that are difficult and film is one of them.” – George Lucas

Ain’t that the truth, George?

Welcome to the second round of the Avocado’s quest to decide on its favorite director. If you’re hearing mass wailing and the gnashing of teeth, you’ve come to the right space!

After a hard-fought 128 person first round, a paltry 64 directors are left standing. The matches are only getting harder, folks, and the impossible choices you never thought you’d make have arrived. And to those joining us: welcome to Hell.

There was a lot of passion in the last round, with huge passionate voting blocs in almost every match. Great directors fell to the wayside and to the 8 other people who voted for Ernst Lubitsch: thank you. You have passed the test and you can be my friend.

In fact, unless someone swooped in right before I posted this, we even had an honest-to-goodness tie!

In such a case going forward, I’m going to defer to the person who received more votes in the nomination round. So for instance, if Jordan Peele and Pedro Almodovar tie at 28 votes, Peele wins because he got 24 upvotes (25 if you count the nominator) in the nomination round while Almodovar got 14.

As always, matches are determined by the highest vote receiver of the last round going up against the smallest vote receiver and so on until we meet in the middle. For this round, I’ve represented each director with an iconic character from their filmography.

Now a moment of silence for the fallen.


Damian Chazelle

Mary Harron

Ernst Lubitsch

Steve McQueen

John Landis

Carol Reed

Nicolas Winding Refn

Ron Howard

Peter Bogdanovich

Brad Bird

Takashi Miike

Duncan Jones

John Cassavetes

James Mangold

Isao Takahata

Todd Haynes

Carl Theodor Dreyer

Elia Kazan

Sarah Polley

Cameron Crowe

Patty Jenkins

Walter Hill

Ken Russell

John Waters

Peter Weir

Jim Jarmusch

Kenneth Branagh

Woody Allen

Joe Johnston

Carl Reiner

Michael Mann

Luis Buñuel

Pedro Almodovar (so close!)

Andrei Tarkovsky

Joe Dante

Alexander Payne

John McTiernan

Jean-Luc Godard

Robert Zemeckis

Preston Sturges

Charles Laughton

Lars Von Trier

Ryan Coogler

Ari Aster

Roman Polanski

Armando Iannucci

Ava DuVernay

Michael Curtiz

Sofia Coppola

Yorgos Lanthimos

George Lucas

George Méliès

Paul Verhoeven

Clint Eastwood

David Lean

Wong Kar-wai

Phil Lord & Chris Miller

Ingmar Bergman

Lana & Lily Wachowski

Howard Hawks

George A. Romero

Terrence Malick

Federico Fellini

Danny Boyle