Preparing For COVID-19 Wave 2

I had talked about this some in the Politics Thread and it didn’t feel like it fit in there well enough and more in a health/food/wellness kind of area. While we’re still likely not at the peak of the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic that’s ravaging the world, a lot of people are making plans for the potential second wave that will come and the possibility of another lockdown or series of lockdown that may happen.

We’re all in different situations so some solutions will work for some but not others, especially in terms of income and residence type, and we want to hear from everyone on what you’re thinking of doing when some semblance of normality returns in order to prepare for another lockdown. We’ve all gained a lot of experience from this first instance so please share what you’ll be stocking up on, planning for, and acquiring (or getting rid of) once we’re past the peak.