Best Chinese Food Quarterfinals!

We’re very near the end now! Things will no doubt get even more heated as only a handful of dishes remain in play.  At this point it seems extremely likely that a classic Cantonese-American dish will win out, but it’s anybody’s game as all the classic ABC genres are still in play: one fried rice, one noodle dish, one dim sum, one deep fried main dish, one stir fry, and three appetizers. Char Siu Bao are the last remaining hope for both Team Authentic and Team Dim Sum! But let’s not count the powerhouse pork bun out just yet, folks, it’s had continually respectable showings throughout the tournament.

The big winner last round was Spring Rolls, matching Potstickers’ round 3 total with a respectable 44 votes. The biggest loser, alas, was its opponent Beef Chow Fun, which could only muster 11 votes. Can anything stop the seemingly-inevitable race to the finish between Spring Rolls and Egg Rolls? I certainly hope so, it’s gonna be hella disappointing if that’s the best we can do for a final match.

Tradition reigned last round as Pork Fried Rice narrowly eked out a 33-30 win against hipster dim sum favorite Soup Dumplings, the highest-scoring loser of the night. The closest match of all, however, was between Lo Mein, the lowest-scoring winner, and Five Spice Fried Pork, separated by only two votes at 27-25. There were luckily no ties, as I would have been hard pressed to make most of those decisions.

A Tear Shed For The Fallen

Kung Pao Chicken
Beef Chow Fun
General Tso’s Chicken
Five Spice Fried Pork
Sesame Chicken
Chow Mein
Soup Dumplings/Xiao Long Bao
Spicy Green Beans