The Avocado’s Favorite Sit-Down Restaurant: Results!

We’ve come to the end of another Avocado tournament. Many tears, beads of sweat, and crumbs of fried food were spilled to get here, but we can at last determine The Avocado’s Favorite Sit-Down Restaurant!

In Third Place, step up to the podium, Outback Steakhouse!

Jesus Christ, cover up; you’re indecent! Have some decorum!

In Second Place, come up to claim your Silver Medal, Waffle House!

If I ever go to a Waffle House, I’m getting scattered, smothered, covered, and chunked.

And finally, the Winner…come on up, Red Robin!

Holy moley, that’s a good looking burger. And their fry seasoning!

A well-deserved win, as Red Robin defeated 63 other entrants for the prize! Thanks to all who participated, and thanks to The Avocado at large for making this such a fun tournament!