Marbula One: 2020 Short Circuit GP Race 6

Yesterday, we witnessed hubris get the better of some of the marbles as they failed to make decent time on the track. Today, humbled, they return to Short Circuit to prove that they’re in it to win it.

This is an exciting race with a lot of lead changes. For most of the race, it looks like the Savage Speeders’ or Team Primary’s event to lose, but some late-race surges from the Snowballs and the Thunderbolts change things significantly. In the end, the Snowballs and the Thunderbolts grab the top two spots, while the Savage Speeders and Team Primary drop into third and fourth.

Stray thoughts:

  • Devastating results for the fruit-themed marbles, none of whom finished in the top half. The Limers didn’t even finish the course. However, the O’rangers did manage to get the fastest lap.
  • The Snowballs have really shot up in the overall rankings. Only three more races for them to get up to the top!
  • A nice solid performance from the Rojo Rollers nets them sixth place. They’ve been having some trouble in Marbula One, so it’s good to see them turn things around.
  • The hosts’ curse is finally broken! Congratulations to the Thunderbolts.

Next week, it’s off to the Razzway, one of the seedier tracks in the Grand Prix. Get red-y for some juicy action!

Complete stats for Marbula One can be found at the Marble League Wiki.