Marbula One: 2020 Short Circuit GP Qualifying

Short Circuit is a simple track. There are a couple of curves, lots of straights, and just one chicane. This is a track designed to test speed and agility. However, sloppy rolling is punished: hitting an obstacle early on can lose you a couple of tenths of a second, precious time that can’t be made up on such a short track.

Some marbles are clearly up to the challenge: Prim of Team Primary and Speedy of the Savage Speeders post excellent lap times of 17.75 and 17.85 seconds, respectively. On the other hand, some marbles let their arrogance take the better of them and screw up royally, such as Razzy of the Raspberry Racers, who posts an abysmal track time of 20.17s. In the end, Team Primary takes pole position for tomorrow’s race, with the Savage Speeders and Mellow Yellow just behind them.

Complete stats for Marbula One can be found at the Marble League Wiki.