Don’t Start a Gem War at the Table: Steven Universe Character Tournament Nominations

SPOILER WARNING: This tournament contains spoilers for the entirety of the original series, the Future series, and the movie.

Steven Universe is almost over and we all need a distraction from the everything happening right now, so let’s have a Gem War! (Non-Gems are also free to participate.)

The ground rules:

  • You may only nominate five characters. This is to prevent spamming up the nominations with long lists from the wiki or something.
  • To nominate a character, put their name bolded in a top-level post. Please only put down one character per post.
  • Fusions count as separate characters. Transformations (i.e. Rose/Pink) do not.
  • Upvotes determine placement in the elimination brackets. However, all entries will be placed in an elimination bracket, so none will be eliminated based on how many upvotes they get here.
  • Nominations will remain open until Friday March 19, 10PM EST.