The First Day Thread of Spring Brought To You By The Gandharvas

Forming in London, Ontario in 1989, The Gandharvas made a small splash in the Canadian alternative music scene with The First Day of Spring, a single from their debut album A Soap Bubble and Inertia, released in 1993.


For a period in the 90s the song was the unofficial sound of Spring in Canada, at least for the folks listening to alternative rock radio and watching MuchMusic. It perfectly captures the feeling of throwing off your winter layers and feeling the warm breeze and sun after the long, dark, cold season. As weird a time as this suddenly is for such a sentiment, I still find some comfort in the changing season and hope you are able to as well.

The alternative radio station I listened to in my hometown made a point of playing the song every year, a tradition I have continued on my own ever since. Now me, living up in the north country, I still have four feet of snow piled up in the yard and we’re under a snowmageddon warning for tonight and tomorrow because that’s how the first day of Spring rolls around here. So I will reserve the song for the day when I can feel Winter break into pieces, when I know the thaw has come, and the world will turn green again. Happy Spring, everyone. If you are in a position to enjoy the outdoors, please do so responsibly.

And now, The Gandharvas and their Extremely 90s video.