Comic Book Review – Venom-First Host TPB

Long before Peter Parker and Eddie Brock were hosts to the symbiote Venom, Mike Costa, Ron Lim, and Mark Bagley introduce us to the First Host!

During the Kree- Skrull War, a mighty soldier named Tel-Kar used the symbiote in a bold attempt to sway the course of victory toward the side of the Kree. He was able to save a ship of his countrymen and their families at the cost of his own freedom.

Years later, Tel-Kar, having escaped from his captivity, travels to Earth to find the new host of the symbiote, Eddie Brock. After crossing paths, both men are attacked by M’Lanz, a Skrull Warbride, who has followed Tel-Kar to Earth to destroy both her old foe and the symbiote as well.
Can Eddie protect his other self while protecting Tel-Kar? If Brock is successful, will Tel-Kar want Venom back?

As a middle schooler, I was able to get a subscription to the Amazing Spider-Man through a magazine drive. The very first comic I received was Amazing Spider-Man #362 featuring Spider-Man and Venom teaming up stop a new threat named Carnage (Have I made you feel old yet?).
Venom has always been a favorite supervillain of mine and when this miniseries was announced, I added it to my pull list. I like the idea of other beings in possession of Venom before Spider-Man found the little black ball of goo on Battleworld. You’ll will find out why Eddie was unaware of other hosts in the course of the story. Mark Bagley draws the main story, while Ron Lim pencils the flashback to the Kree-Skrull War. There are many twists and turns as you find out more to the backstories of Tel-Kar and M’Lanz. Oh, and if you were keeping up with Marvel Legacy run of Venom, you’ll find out more about the new spawn of Venom, a new offspring of the symbiote!

If you are looking for an untold tale of Venom that reaches far back into the annals of Marvel history, look no further than Venom: First Host. I give it 4 slobbering tongues out of 5.