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The Debate Live Thread: It should have been Bernie vs Warren.

Its Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders debating tonight, two *insert quote that frames Bernie and Biden having the same identity, trying to either ignore that Bernie is jewish or pretend antisemitism doesn’t exist*.

So let’s get a message from our sponsors at Center of American Progress:

*You see a man. He’s wearing business professional attire but his shirt is untucked, and his tie is undone. He has clearly been drinking*

YOU FUCKING PIECES OF SHIT. DO YOU REALIZE WHAT YOU HAVE DONE? DOOOOOOOOOOOOO YOUUUUUUUU?!?!?! Bloomberg was our best shot at winning the white house. Sure, he was a misogynistic sexual harasser, sure he was an absolute racist that left scars on NYC, sure he was also a transphobe, sure he was only running because Bernie and Warren existed, sure he was basically a Trump that could put two sentences together and sure he was trying to buy the election, but god how could you people be so bigoted towards people of means? HOW COULD YOU?

*The man is now on his knees, hands to his face, trying (and failing) to hide his tears*

My boss is going to take my thumbs.

Powerful words from Center of American Progress. Do we have any other messages, Caroline?

Caroline: We have one, but its just a video of Tulsi Gabbard and Amit Jani yelling at each other, trying to argue who loves Modi more.

Eh, we’ll just skip it this time.

Now for the show