Marbula One: 2020 Greenstone GP Qualifying

We’re now past the halfway mark in Marbula One, and it’s make it or break it1 for our colourful competitors. Let’s see how well they do on Greenstone, the Green Ducks’ home turf. This is the curviest track that the marbles have faced so far, and they’ll have to deal with distractions and anatidine vocalizations2 from a rowdy crowd.

The track favours versatile athletes who can both negotiate turns and drive straight. The first half of the course, with all its twists and directional changes, is a test of finesse and agility. The second half of the course, consisting mostly of straight sections and bumpers, is a test of raw speed and efficient rolling; a couple of degrees off course, and a marble’s heading for a collision with the curb. Just witness what happened to Hazy of the Hazers, who was dead even with pole position going into the final stretch, but then hit the attenuator and dropped all the way back to fifth. Mary of Team Primary did even worse, bouncing all over the place and finishing with a dismal lap time of nearly 40 seconds, more than 3 whole seconds behind fifteenth place.

In the end, Mellow Yellow, the O’rangers, and the Thunderbolts take the top spots heading into tomorrow’s race, their consistency paying dividends. Can they keep it up tomorrow when they also have to deal with other competitors? Will Mary’s failures on the track force her into early retirement? We’ll find out.

Complete stats for Marbula One can be found at the Marble League Wiki.