Parental Guidance: The Pandemic

Hello, and welcome to the occasional parental thread.

Experiencing “nipple confusion?” Have an ornery 13 year old? Need to vent or advice about A GLOBAL HEALTH PANDEMIC?

Any and all topics are welcome, but clearly we’re all worried. So far, it seems like the worst cases aren’t effecting young kids. ( knock wood)  But kids are gross and messy and handsy and don’t always cover their mouths when they sneeze or cough. Kids spread germs.  Some of them hate bathing and washing.  And they also tend to gather in these  large buildings  called schools, and can infect adults.

Now that many schools are closed, or will be, us parents have very real worries about child care and the economic impacts of missing work, etc.  And then there is the daunting  fact that many of us parents will be home with our kids, day in day out for weeks and have to … shudder… entertain or educate them for weeks on end.

And at some point, we’ll have to try to explain this to them.

Here is a place to discuss all of that.