To Boldy Sew: Star Trek Deep Space Nine S03E011: “Past Tense: Part 2″

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Netflix Synopsis:

Sisko, posing as Gabriel Bell in the 21st century, takes charge of the hostage situation in the Processing Center.

(For Part One, see here.)

The Ghost Leader yells at one of the guards named Bernardo. The nice Government Worker Lady asks what he’s going to do with them and he says let them think about it. He makes them all sit up against the wall and instructs everyone that if they move they get shot.

Sisko/Bell steps forward and says no one is shooting anyone. He points out that they need the hostages alive as they’re the only thing they have to bargain with. The Ghost Leader acts like he knows this.

Sisko then says they need to close the blinds – Bashir adding that the police will drop snipers on the nearby roof and pick them off one by one. Ghost Leader says to use benches as barricades and stack them against windows. He’s also disappointed he won’t get to watch the place burn.

From nowhere, apparently, Vin appears with a gun and says they should all drop their weapons.


Ghost Leader just laughs. Sisko tackles Vin to the ground; his gun goes off as they land.

The Government Lady starts to scream and Ghost Leader threatens to shoot her if she doesn’t shut up; Bashir persuades him to leave her alone as she’s just scared. He gets her to chill out by saying no one is going to hurt her.

Sisko tells Vin to go with the others; Vin recognizes him from the other day. Sisko says he’s saying thank you and shoves Vin to the floor.

Ghost Leader is impressed with the tackle and asks if Sisko played football. Baseball. He says he’d hate to be a catcher and see him barreling toward home plate.

He then tells the lady to get up; Vin defends her so he orders Vin to get up. He says he needs his access code to get on the Net and see what’s being said about them. Vin refuses so Ghost Leader is about to shoot him.

The young guy Bernardo sitting next to Vin volunteers his own code. Vin tries to tell him not to but he says that they’re off duty so Vin can’t give him orders. He tells Ghost Leader that he just wants to get home in one piece.

Ghost Leader says he’s smart and directs him to a computer.

Sisko and Bashir start blocking the windows with benches and discuss the difficulty of keeping the hostages safe. Bashir says he’s also worried about Sisko; didn’t Gabriel Bell die when the police stormed the building? Sisko isn’t concerned since he’s not Bell.


The group watches a news report saying that the Governor says they will quell the riot quickly.


Again, I marvel that the only screens available are on really tiny computers. Live via satellite!

They are not sure how the riots started, but say there have been rumors of tensions in the district. Ghost Leader is happy they are on every channel. He doesn’t understand why the newscasters sound surprised.

Danny’s dad, the vest-wearing dude from last episode, tries to come into the Processing Center. Ghost Leader is not happy, and his cohorts stop him from entering. Sisko says he can come in since he knows him.

Sisko and Bashir go to talk to the dad, who is disappointed they didn’t have a peaceful demonstration. Sisko says it’s what happened so now they have to deal with it. The dad says it’s a madhouse out there and the building is crawling with ghosts. Sisko agrees that’s the first thing they have to fix.

He tells the dad to go and find some gimmes who will guard the hostages instead of the ghosts since the hostages aren’t safe with them. The dad agrees, saying he knows a few people who will do the job, and heads back out into the street.

Meanwhile, Dax and Chris are watching the news reports on Chris’s computer, which has just as tiny a screen as the one at the Processing Center.


Also, they are still at his office. Does he live there?

The news says that some district employees fleeing the scene have been injured, and some are unaccounted for. They don’t know about injuries among Sanctuary Residents, but satellite photos show some possible casualties.

Dax wants to go down there since her friends are in the Sanctuary District. Chris thinks there’s nothing she can do and she could get hurt. She says she can’t watch the place burn knowing her friends are inside.

He says he has friends at the police department and when things settle down he’ll talk to them. Dax says she can’t wait that long as by the time things settle down they could be hurt or killed.

Meanwhile on the Defiant, in the future, Kira updates the first officer’s log to say that history has been altered somehow and they have to send a team into the past to try to find them and fix the timeline. However, they’re not sure where or when to look.

O’Brien says a bunch of technobabble while working on a screen. It has to do with the concentration of chroniton particles and they don’t know what the concentration was when Sisko and the others tried to beam out. But he’s narrowed it down to ten possibilities, each corresponding with a different time frame.

He is explaining this to Odo, who has nothing to say in response.

Kira comes in wearing a bandage on her nose.


I think it looks like one of those nose strips you put on to pull out pimples and stuff. If I saw someone wearing this in public that’s probably what I would think it was as bandages are usually more beige, like they’re trying to be pale skin-colored rather than gray-white blobs.

Kira says she feels ridiculous. Odo points out it does disguise her Bajoran heritage. O’Brien says to say she broke her nose. Then he suggests that he do all the talking.

Odo energizes the transporter for them and they vanish.

Kira and O’Brien materialize beside a really shiny automobile.


This is the first time we see wheeled vehicles. There have been no signs of them in 2024.

O’Brien uses his tricorder to scan, saying that there will be a residual electrostatic charge if this is where the others appeared. Kira tries using her badge to call the others but it doesn’t work.

They conclude that they’re not in the right place, which O’Brien says is the mid twentieth century judging by the vehicle. The transporter will reengage in about 30 seconds.

Nearby, a door opens and a couple climbs some stairs to the street. Music is playing from the building they just left. They’re dressed rather fancifully.


These folks are really fancily dressed, even for 1950s, so I initially thought it happened to be New Year’s Eve. But now I wonder if they just are in a really ritzy part of town.

There’s a very awkward interaction as O’Brien pleasantly greets them and Kira turns away, saying “I broke my nose.” The couple says nothing and continues down the street as O’Brien says he told Kira not to say anything.

Back in 2024 at the Processing Center, Sisko and the dad are sitting in a room when Ghost Leader comes in and asks what all the gimmes are doing there.


There is paper everywhere in this building, which I guess is to signify that things are chaotic. I’m torn between thinking piles of paper everywhere is anachronistic for 2024, but it is a government office, and the government does like its paperwork.

The dad says he asked them to help. Who invited him? Sisko says he did.

Ghost Leader says that this is his party and he gets to decide who’s invited and who’s not. Sisko says they need people they can trust. What’s that supposed to mean?

How many ghosts does he know he can really trust? Ghost Leader thinks a moment and admits only himself, but says that’s enough. Sisko gets to his feet and says it’s not enough, not here and not now.

The dad, in a calmer tone, says they need people to watch the exits and keep an eye on the hostages when they sleep. Ghost Leader says they’ve made their point, just keep them out of his hair.

Sisko says they have to figure out what they’re going to do with the hostages. Ghost Leader says he’s figured it all out. The dad is skeptical, but Ghost Leader says he’ll let them in on it. He plans to trade them for their freedom – amnesty, credit chips, and a flight to wherever they want. He thinks Tasmania.

The others aren’t impressed with this plan, despite the fact that Ghost Leader points out that Errol Flynn was from Tasmania. The dad says that when they step off the plane they’ll be arrested.

Sisko says they have to think beyond themselves – there are 10,000 people in the Sanctuary District. Ghost Leader says they can get their own hostages. The dad agrees with “Gabe” that this is an opportunity to be heard and let people outside know what’s going on. Sisko wants to negotiate return of the hostage for shutting down the Sanctuary Districts. The dad also says reinstate the Federal Employment Act.

Ghost Leader, unimpressed, suggests they throw in some silk shirts  and a penthouse in Singapore. He says there are no jobs – not for them. Sisko says they’ll find jobs – after tonight they won’t be able to ignore them. Ghost Leader agrees reluctantly and says he’ll log into the interface and tell them his demands.

Sisko says no, he wants the dad to do it. The dad wanted Sisko to do it. Ghost Leader asks if there’s something wrong with him. Sisko says they can’t dismiss Webb (oh hey, he has a name!) as easily – he has a face and a family and looks like a guy next door.

They go to the computer, which displays a screen indicating it’s transmitting.


Webb identifies himself as Michael Webb, a former plant manager at Chemtech industries, and says he’s speaking on behalf of the residents of Sanctuary District A. They have six hostages and don’t want to hurt them.

Suddenly, a warning flashes on the screen, and they’re disconnected.

Ghost Leader says it’s a waste of time and no one cares.

Vin says why should they they’re a bunch of losers. Ghost Leader calls him on it and he repeats it, saying this time he’s going to lose big.

Ghost Leader is ready to whack him or shoot him or something, but Sisko intervenes. Vin says he’s a loser also.

Bashir says if he wants to get out he’d better hope he’s wrong.

Bernardo says he’s only making it worse. Vin says he wants them to know what they’re in for. The National Guard probably already has the place surrounded. Sooner or later, they’ll come rolling in and they won’t even be slowed down.

Ghost Leader wants to kill Vin right now.

Meanwhile, Webb has been messing with the computer, and a woman comes on the screen.


It’s hard to see clearly, but it seems like she’s wearing a suit and sitting in front of an army truck? Okay.

The woman says she’s Detective Preston, SFPD and wants to talk to him. Webb asks if she cut off their access to “the interface” (which I guess means the Net) and she says this is standard policy in these situations.

Webb agrees to talk. She says she wants to see the hostages to make sure they’re okay and that she can count on him to keep them safe as promised.

Ghost Leader brings over the Government Lady who is clearly terrified and says that he has five more hostages just like her and if they don’t get what they want the hostages will get hurt.

Sisko intervenes and says that he’s made his point. The detective agrees and then says she wants to talk to Webb again. When he comes back on, she says that Ghost Leader seems angry. Webb says they all are.

Meanwhile, Sisko takes Ghost Leader aside, and addresses him as B.C, which is the first I’ve heard of a name for him so far. He says that it seems like B.C. will not be happy until he’s hurt a hostage. B.C. admits the thought has crossed his mind and it might alleviate the stress he’s feeling. Sisko says he should find a way to deal with the stress as it’ll be healthier in the long run.

B.C. asks him if it looks better with his hat folded up or down. Sisko says it’s his head and his decision.

Webb says that the detective wants to meet with him now, by the main gate. Sisko asks if he can go along. Webb is amenable. Sisko tells Bashir to keep an eye on the hostages and heads out.

Detective Preston says it’s been a long night and they must be exhausted. Webb says they’re okay but could use some breakfast in the morning. Preston says that’s a lot of takeout but she’ll do what she can and asks if she can have one of the hostages.

Okay, but aren’t you already feeding the 10,000 people in the Sanctuary District every day?

On closer inspection, it seems that Preston is also a fan of the not-tie, which here looks more like a decorative collar-type necklace since she’s not wearing a collared shirt. I’m confused.

No hostage, no food, Webb observes. She disagrees and says they’ll get the food but giving up a hostage will show good faith.

Sisko says the hostages aren’t going anywhere until they get what they want – the Sanctuaries closed and the Federal Employment Act reinstated. She says that’s a lot. He doesn’t think so – what they want is to get out from behind walls and stop depending on handouts. Webb agrees and says they want a chance to get back on their feet again.

Preston says she can’t make promises but she’ll make sure the governor hears the demands. Satisfied, Sisko and Webb leave.

Back at the Processing Center, Bashir keeps an eye on the hostages, and goes to talk to the lady. Vin wants him to leave her alone. Bashir says he’s a doctor. Bernardo is skeptical.

Government Lady remembers him. He asks if she’s hypoglycemic, which proves to her he’s a doctor. She admits she was afraid to tell anyone and he promises to try to get her some medicine and a chocolate bar or something.

Sisko returns. The lady recognizes Sisko from when he came through with Bashir, and asks if he gave her a false name. Bashir admits yes, as he got into some trouble and didn’t want his real name in there.

She says when she first started working there she processed a woman who had a warrant on her for abandoning her kid that. The woman couldn’t take care of the kid, so left him with a family she worked for. She felt sorry for the woman, and didn’t log her in, just let her disappear into the sanctuary.

Bashir says this was kind. She says she almost got fired when her supervisor found out. He asks what happened to the woman. She doesn’t know but she thinks about her a lot. Since then, she just does her job and tries not to let it get the best of her.

He says it’s not her fault things are how they are. She says everyone tells themselves that and nothing ever changes.

Almost everyone in the Center is sleeping except Sisko who is keeping watch and Vin, who stands up and starts to walk across the room. B.C. gets to his feet and is prepared to shoot the man, but Sisko tells him not to.

B.C. says to give him one reason why not, so Sisko cocks his gun and points it at B.C.

B.C. doesn’t believe Sisko will shoot him, and says he thought they were on the same side. Sisko says they are but B.C. gets on his nerves and he doesn’t like his hat and tells him to put the gun down. Vin says they can see how tough B.C. is. Sisko yells at him to shut up.

Webb steps forward until his chest is up against the barrel of B.C.’s gun. He moves it aside and says “you heard the man.” B.C. is clearly outnumbered and puts the gun down, then says they have no sense of fun.

Sisko takes Vin and slams him against the wall. He says the next time he tries something stupid he’ll make him regret it. Vin is not scared. Sisko says he’s trying to save his life and the hostages’ lives.

Vin says that if he’s concerned about their welfare he should let them go. Sisko slams him against another wall and says he doesn’t know what any of this is about, does he? He works there and sees these people every day and how they live and he doesn’t care! Vin says what good would it do for him to say he feels for them? Sisko says it would be a start.

He then orders Vin back in the room and tells him to shut up.

O’Brien and Kira beam down into another time period, this one with a hippie van parked nearby and loud music playing.


I like the flowers.

Kira yells into her communicator over the sound of music while O’Brien works the tricorder. No one replies. O’Brien sees nothing but Kira can’t hear him.

The music stops and two hippies come out of the van.


I guess these are okay hippies? I feel like the guy’s vest should have a fringe, and his shirt should be a lot looser. Also, the woman’s bandana thing feels off. Like a headband might have been okay but the bandana covering maybe not. I’m open to disagreement from anyone actually alive in that time period, though!

The woman cheerfully gives them some flowers. They flash the peace sign, and Kira and O’Brien do the same before beaming out, causing the hippie man to say, “wow.”

At the Processing Center, some breakfast sandwiches and juice have arrived.


Hey, that looks like actual food! And, now I’m kind of hungry.

B.C. tries to take a few extra of them but Sisko pushes him aside.

Bashir comes in with Danny, Webb’s son, who was looking for him. After assuring his dad that the rest of their family is okay, he says he wanted to be with his dad. Webb agrees but says when he tells him to go he doesn’t want arguments.

Bashir has gotten some medicine for the Government Lady and gives her an injection in the thigh.

Bernardo is looking at a photo of his family and shows it to Bashir at Vin’s insistence.


It’s not a clear enough view, but the photo looks more like it was taken in the 1980s than the 2020s. Like, I’m pretty sure my sister had that hairstyle in 1989.

Bernardo says the kids are sitting at home wondering if they’ll see their dad again. Bashir offers up some platitudes about how something good will come from this. Bernardo and Vin are skeptical but Bashir says one day there won’t be a need for places like this. Government Lady says that she hopes he’s right even though she’ll be out of a job.

Detective Preston meets with Sisko and Webb again and says that the governor says if they let the hostages go, they’ll reduce charges to Incitement to Riot. Webb asks about closing the sanctuary and jobs. She says he’ll form a committee.

Sisko concludes that nothing will change. She says no, but change takes time. Sisko says they’ve run out of time. She says they should consider taking the offer. The governor won’t let the situation continue forever.

Webb says if he wants to see the hostages he’ll have to do better. Then he and Sisko leave, Preston speechless. As they walk away, Webb admits he was bluffing and Sisko assures him he couldn’t tell.

Meanwhile on the street in the middle of the district, a manhole cover opens and Dax climbs out. She walks down the street and is immediately followed by a creepy guy.


She looks a bit out of place here.

Back at the Processing Center, Sisko and Bashir are fiddling with the computer, trying to get onto the Net despite security lockouts. They are frustrated.

Sisko says in the original history the residents were able to get onto the Net to tell their side of the story and many people watched, so he knows it’s possible. Bashir says no one here’s been able to get past the lockout. Sisko wonders if it was Bell who did it.

B.C. gets their attention then and says some dims brought them a present, and brings in Dax. He says he’s in love.

Bashir goes over and addresses her as Jadzia, and she as Julian, so B.C. thinks she is “taken,” and backs off. “You remember my friend Gabe,” Bashir says, pointing to Sisko. They shake hands politely.

B.C. takes off his hat and introduces himself as Biddle Coleridge. Vin makes fun of his name.

Dax says she’s been looking for Bashir and Sisko.

Webb says that she obviously doesn’t live there – how did she get in? She says she recoded her ID so she got past the Sanitation Department checkpoints – crawled in through the sewers, as B.C. words it.


Alone, Bashir, Dax, and Sisko discuss their situation. Sisko says that even if they could get out, he doesn’t want to go because the hostages have to be protected at all costs.

Dax’s comm badge was taken when she came into the District, and is emitting a subspace distress signal (not that that would do much good in 2024?) so Sisko wants the two of them to go and find it again and then get away.

Dax says that if the Defiant finds her signal but they’re not all together it won’t work. Sisko says when the hostages are in police custody, he’ll make his way to the beam-in site. He says if he doesn’t make it they have to leave without them. Dax accepts this.

Bashir, however, tries to make a case for him staying even though Jadzia must leave (since it wouldn’t take a doctor long to figure out she’s not human) – saying that Sisko will need help to keep the hostages alive. Sisko agrees.

Sisko says he’ll keep trying to get on the Net while they look for Dax’s comm badge, and Bashir explains their access is cut off. Dax says she might be able to help with that problem.


Out on the street, Dax explains that she has a friend who might be able to get them on the Net, so I guess she’s talking about Chris. They go to a row house where she says she was brought before they took her to the Processing Center. They go inside.

It’s dark and dirty and they don’t see anyone immediately. Bashir calls out “Hello?” and someone replies that there’s nobody there.

He says they just want to talk. The guy throws back the curtain and it’s the weird guy who was following Dax before.


He’s wearing a pretty shiny, but probably warm coat. It’s early September so I’m not sure if that’s really necessary in the day time.

He comes out, waves a hand over himself, and says “woosh, I’m invisible!” with a grin.

They don’t quite know how to respond, and are forced to admit they can see him. He says this is okay as long as “they” can’t see him. Who? The aliens, who will suck his brains out through his ears.

Dax says she knows because she’s an alien. He says he thought so but she’s a good alien. She says she’s there to protect the earth from its enemies but needs the jewelry he’s holding.

He agrees at once and returns her comm badge. She says not to tell anyone and he agrees to that.

They leave and head back to the manhole cover, says goodbye, and leaves the way she came in.

Back at the Business Office, Chris confirms that she wants to override a government block and break some laws to help some criminals. She says they’re not criminals.


He says they’re acting that way as they have guns and have taken hostages. She asks why he thinks they’re doing it – doesn’t he want to know and think the public deserves to know? He says she’s asking him to break the law.

She says she’s asking him to give them a voice. She says sooner or later the government will retake the district and lots of people will die. So unless the public learns why the residents did what they did, the deaths will be for nothing.

He’s more concerned about losing his license, but admits that he’ll get great ratings. Because I guess that happens on the Net?

Back at the Processing Center, the residents start to tell their stories.

Henry Garcia has lived there for two years. Came to work in a brewery but was laid off because they got new equipment so he ended up in the Sanctuary District. Never been in trouble with the law. Doesn’t want to hurt anyone. Just wants to work and live like regular people.


Garcia is wearing a vest with a rather stereotypical southwestern pattern on it, but in gray. I don’t believe I’ve seen anything like this ever in real life.


Outside, Detective Preston tells the Governor that the use of force would be premature. She says they have to think about the hostages. She tries to plead with him but he cuts her off and she hangs up saying he’s made up his mind and they move in at 0500.


Her coworker has no lines, is just there to hold coffee and eavesdrop on her conversation. He’s also wearing a not-tie. Preston is wearing a skirt with pantyhose and high heels. This seems impractical for a police officer who is out on the street, as I assume a Detective is.

O’Brien and Kira return to the Defiant with having no success. They were just in 2048 and it’s not like the mid 21st Century he read about in school, so Sisko and the others must be in some time period before then.

Kira asks how many possibilities do they have if they limit dates to before 2048. O’Brien checks his list and says three but they only have enough particles for one more try. Kira says to pick one and hope they get lucky. He pokes one at random as his best guess and they get onto the transporter pad again.

Odo energizes the transporter.

They materialize on some city street. Kira tries her comm badge to call the others.


O’Brien picks up Dax’s distress signal immediately so Kira tries calling her and immediately gets through.

In the office, Kira connects to Dax, who is happy to hear from her.


O’Brien says they’re at the corner of Polk and California, and Dax says she’ll hurry over to meet them and will explain about the others. They all deactivate their comm badges so the transporter doesn’t automatically retrieve them.


In the processing center, Vin and Bernardo discuss whether the ’99 Yankees would have beaten the ’15 Kings. Based on what I know about baseball, probably. They try to involve Bashir, but he likes tennis, and Government Lady likes soccer. Sisko says there’s no question – the Kings would win, as this was Buck Bokai’s rookie year. Vin says that was all they had going for them.

B.C. comes in and says that he was on the roof and another National Guard unit has arrived and there’s something going on. Sisko orders everyone to their feet and into another room where he thinks its safer. He tells Bashir to go in also; Bashir says he’ll try to block the door.

Webb goes over to his son, who has been sleeping on a desk.


Danny is wearing brown pants, nondescript black shoes, a red shirt, and blue vest. Vests seem quite common. I don’t think I’ve seen anyone wear a vest casually in my real life in years and they got a lot of flak for it. My husband wore a vest to our wedding, and my dad used to wear one with suits sometimes. But in every day life? Nope.

Doesn’t look comfortable to me, but what do I know?

Webb wakes up his kid and says he has to go. Danny wants to stay. Webb says they’ll meet up later and so the kid reluctantly leaves.

As he’s leaving, B.C. gives him his hat and says it looks good on him.

Webb wants to call Preston and find out what’s going on. Before he can, though, the sounds of helicopters whirring over head gives them pause. Webb says “oh my god,” and then there’s an explosion.

The benches they put up to barricade the windows fall over. Glass shatters. People go flying. The door is burst open and police officers are shooting. BC shoots back but then he is shot. Webb takes out a handgun, but is shot before he can use it.

Vin comes out of the the safe room and says “Stop shooting, damnit, we’re okay” but this does nothing to stop things. Someone aims a gun at Vin, the laser is clearly visible. Sisko steps in front of him and is shot.

The shooting finally stops, probably because all the Sanctuary Residents are dead or wounded. One of the guardsmen says “Freeze!” to Vin, who has knelt down to help Sisko, and he identifies himself as a hostage.


Vin berates them, saying they could have gotten them all killed. The guy says that there were rumors that they were dead already. Their orders were to “pacify the building”.


Bashir goes to help Sisko despite the protests of the guards. The leader of the National Guards wants them to head to Second Street. Vin tells them to go and he and Bernardo can handle things there. He takes some guns from them.

They leave.

Bashir says that Sisko is okay; Sisko says the next time he tells Vin to stay down, he should stay down. He asks about Webb.

Sisko struggles to his feet and goes to check on Webb, but he’s dead.


Outside, medics are helping the wounded in the street. Sisko, Bashir, Vin, and Bernardo come out of the Processing Center looking like the budget Ghostbusters.


With this random lady in a blanket next to them.

There are dead people in the street. Vin wonders how they could have let it happen. Bashir asks how to stop it from happening again.

They all walk down the street. Vin and Bernardo wonder what to do with Sisko and Bashir and agree to let them go. Bernardo asks how to explain what happened to them.

Vin asks for their ID cards, so they hand them over. He says he’ll switch them for two of the casualties, and as far as anyone knows, they both died there. They agree this is okay and then they all walk out.

Sisko asks Vin to tell the truth about what happened there. Vin says he would have done that anyway.

Kira updates the log to say that they returned to the present and were relieved to discover the timeline was restored.

Sisko lounges and recovers in his sexy pajamas.


The best pajamas ever.

Bashir comes into the tiny quarters to check on him and shows him a historical article with a photo of himself as Gabriel Bell. Sisko is not looking forward to explaining this to Starfleet Command.

Now that he’s been to the 21st century, Bashir wonders how they could have let things get so bad. That’s a good question, Sisko says.

Stray Thoughts:

* The ending sort of tacked on a bit of preachiness about our time that I suspect some viewers might not have been pleased with.

* The failure to name characters in the beginning of the episode was really frustrating. Did the Government Lady have a name? Maybe, but I don’t recall it ever being mentioned. Webb isn’t mentioned by name until the episode is almost over. B.C. also. These are major players in the episode!

* How stupid is the governor to act on rumors? Preston could have linked up with Webb again and demanded to see the hostages if they suspected they weren’t alive, and then easily verified or disproved the rumors. Instead, he sends in the SWAT team, basically, and kills everyone. And now that I’m writing this, I realize this isn’t entirely unlikely in today’s environment, either. Sigh.

* I thought I remembered there being more of Kira and O’Brien in the past in this episode, but it’s been awhile since I originally saw this and I had only vague recollections. Their jumps to random times in Earth history were amusing.