To Boldy Sew: Star Trek Deep Space Nine S03E011: “Past Tense: Part 1”

To Boldly Sew is a recap of DS9 episodes, with a specific focus on the fashions of the many aliens and other characters that make up the series. Feel free to discuss general Star Trek things in the comments. 

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Netflix Synopsis:

En route to a symposium in San Francisco, Sisko, Dax, and Bashir are lost during transport to Earth from the Defiant.


Sisko updates his log to explain that he and his staff are going to the Starfleet Symposium to talk about the situation in the Gamma Quadrant. He’s looking forward to it and also wants to visit his sister in Portland.

As the Defiant approaches earth, Bashir and Sisko think it looks great, but Dax wants the seas to be more purple and Kira thinks they should be more green. Dax reminds Sisko they have dinner with an admiral – “Droner Drazman,” as O’Brien refers to him, the manager of some maintenance yards.

Bashir invites O’Brien to join them, since all Senior Staff was invited, but O’Brien declines and says he’s glad he stayed an enlisted man, so he doesn’t have to show for formal dinners. Dax extends the invite to Kira and Odo, but they decline, saying it seems like a Starfleet matter.

O’Brien is receiving an emergency message from DS9. Quark appears on screen and says he’s gotten a message from the Grand Nagus, who wants him to remind Sisko of the critical role he played in establishing contact with the Dominon. Sisko says he’ll be sure to mention him prominently.


Quark is wearing one of his usual everyday jackets – a greenish number with some paisley type darker green swirls over it. Nothing exciting.

Quark says that also the Nagus’ nephew Belongo is being held by Starfleet authorities on Aldebaran III – probably a misunderstanding. Sisko admits he owes the Nagus a favor and, at Quark’s prompting, remembers the 111th Rule of Acquisition – “Treat people in your debt like family – exploit them.”

Sisko tells Quark he’ll do what he can, but quotes Rule 217: “You can’t free a fish from water.” Quark says he’ll pass it on, then disconnects.

Dax, Sisko, and Bashir climb onto the transporter pad, leaving the Defiant in the hands of Kira and O’Brien, who energizes the transporter. They vanish.

Almost at once, the computer starts beeping, and O’Brien says there was a power fluctuation. He looks closer at the log and sees that although he stabilized things, Sisko and the others didn’t rematerialize at their destination and are…gone.

Sisko is poked at by a guy with a gun – he and Bashir are awakened from where they’ve been sleeping in what looks like an outdoor concrete plaza. The two men who wake them are dressed in khaki coveralls and carrying large weapons.


I kind of feel like their uniforms are reminiscent of Ghostbusters outfits or janitors more than armed security. Security should be wearing body armor and dark colors, not khaki coveralls with logos sewn on. It looks amateurish to me.

The one guy suggests to the second, whom he calls Vin, that they forget about Sisko and Bashir as they’ve been working all night. He wants to go home and see his wife and kids. Vin, who is older, says there is a law against sleeping in the streets and accuses his partner of being an anarchist. He does say that he likes their “matching pajamas,” which I guess is as accurate as any description of the Starfleet uniform.

Vin asks them for “logo,” or ID. Bashir asks where they are and what happened to Starfleet Headquarters, so Vin thinks they are “dims.”


Vin is the older dude and this close up of his face reveals that he wears a patch on his outfit that looks like a wing with the letter A on it. Also, his coveralls seem to have two zippers. Maybe one is purely decorative? Maybe the costume designer was just so excited to use zippers that they went crazy.

Sisko realizes that the uniforms the guys are wearing and the shotguns they’re carrying seem familiar. Vin says from the last time he was in a Sanctuary District. Sisko asks what year it is. The younger guy says same as yesterday, 2024. They lead the two of them away.

As they walk away, the camera pans out and we see that Dax is sleeping on some steps beneath the ground, presumably leading to an underground train of some sort.


A dude in a suit walks passes by Dax and asks if she’s okay and if she got “jacked”, or robbed. She’s confused and has a headache. She says they got everything but her brooch (her Starfleet communicator badge) and that’s why she doesn’t have any credit chips or ID.

The guy asks if she can get home okay. She says she was traveling with some friends and they must have gotten separated. He says she shouldn’t walk around without ID and suggests she order some replacements at his office around the corner. He introduces himself as Chris Brynner, so she says she’s Jadzia, which he guesses is Dutch. “Something like that,” she says, laughing.


Chris is dressed sort of like a modern businessman, with a jacket that seems to be made of corduroy maybe as it’s some kind of ribbed material. Instead of a tie, he’s got some kind of weird colored collar that kind of makes me think it’s a tie but just wrapped around his neck instead of hanging down like most ties.

He helps her up and they climb the stairs to the street and they walk across the plaza to enter a glass office building.


This looks like a generic office building in any city. Bonus points for accuracy on the modern art sculpture in the front.

Back on The Defiant in the future (present?) O’Brien and some other tech people are trying to figure out what went wrong with the transporter. Kira comes over and says that Starfleet confirms Sisko and the others didn’t materialize in San Francisco. From their end, it looks like the transporter signal disintegrated pretty much immediately after they started the beam-out sequence.

O’Brien says this doesn’t agree with the system log, which clearly shows the transport completed successfully. They have to have materialized somewhere. Kira asks where? No idea.

He says the only oddity in the process was a variance in the annular confinement beam, which he corrected for. The beam was trying reacting to an accumulation of chroniton particles on the ship’s hull; it was a simple adjustment.

Kira doesn’t know what chroniton particles are so he explains they’re emitted by the cloaking device and sometimes get lodged in the ablative armor matrix. She says they’ve used the transporter a lot since the cloaking device was installed and there’s been no problem. O’Brien doesn’t know why there’d be one now.

Oh but wait, he sees that there was a surge in temporal energy just before the transporter sequence. Is that a clue? Yes, but he doesn’t know what it means yet.

it’s okay, Chief, neither do I


Back in the past, O’Brien and Bashir are waiting with a bunch of uniformed people near a big metal gate. They’re both feeling better, and Bashir says they probably had transporter shock, which wears off quickly.

They both saw the Golden Gate Bridge a few blocks prior, so they’re in San Francisco. Bashir wonders about their comm badges; Sisko thinks they were stolen while they were unconscious. He says their Earth is a century in the future.

They wonder about Dax; she was in the transporter beam with them so she must be here also. They both agree they need to find her.

Vin and his younger partner then lead them through a door into a noisy, dirty area. Bashir is confused, but Sisko knows it’s a Sanctuary District. Bashir says he doesn’t remember his 21st century Earth history very well as it’s too depressing. Sisko says it’s a hobby of his. They made a lot of mistakes but they paved the way for progress.

He says that by the early 2020s there was a Sanctuary District in every city in the US. They walk past some people in tents in the middle of the street, and other people sitting on boxes, looking grimy and dirty. Bashir asks why they’re there – are they criminals? No, criminals weren’t allowed in the Sanctuary Districts. So what did they do to deserve it? Nothing.


These people probably picked up a tent at Walmart before they came.

Sisko says they don’t have jobs or places to live. Welcome to the 21st Century.

They’ve been walking with the guards behind them all this time and then Vin stops them. He tells his partner to go ahead and go home, and the younger guy thanks him and runs off. Then they start walking again.

Meanwhile, Dax has gone to the generic businessman’s office and is messing with his computer terminal. This involves using a stylus to poke at things on the screen, because I guess they’re too cool for mice and touch screens. The door opens and Chris comes in.


It also looks like there might be a card reader swipe or some disk drives in the terminal. It doesn’t really look like a keyboard, so I’m not sure what that part is for.

He asks Dax if she’s gotten a new ID and she says yes, though it took a while to convince them she was who she said she was. She says she’ll get a transit pass and some credit chips sent to the office in a few hours. Chris says this is fine.

Chris notes her markings, which he presumes are tattoos done in Japan. “How did you guess?” she asks. He used to have a Maori tribal pattern on his arm that he got in high school in the 90s, “like everyone else.” He had it removed because it was what was needed to get government contracts. He wonders if this makes him a sellout.

Dax asks what kind of business he does. He’s surprised she doesn’t know and looks uncomfortable for a moment, then says he’ll have to talk with his public relations people. He goes to stand by the window and looks back at her like it’s a commercial. “I’m Chris Brynner. Brynner Information Systems.” Interface operations, Net access, channel 90.

seriously, is this a thing he’s practiced for ads?

“Oh that Chris Brynner!” Dax laughs. She admits he’s a sellout but she won’t hold it against him.

He asks if she has a way to contact her friends and she says she does not so I guess cell phones don’t exist in this world.

Bashir, Sisko, and Vin have reached some sort of bureaucratic building. Sisko has to put his hands on a pad to be scanned. Then the machine takes a photo of them. The inside of the building reminds me strongly of the DMV.

Vin goes over to a computer, which says “Welcome to SafeTech’s fingerprint database,” and then gives him a sales pitch for a new retinal scan. He also operates the machine with a stylus. It tells him the fingerprints he’s provided are not on record. He says it’s like they don’t exist.

Bashir says that since they don’t exist, why not let them go? Vin points out they don’t have ID or money and they’re dressed “like clowns.” He gives them some forms to fill out and says to ask if they need help understanding them.

Back on the Defiant, Kira tells an Admiral she doesn’t want anyone beaming on or off the ship until they figure out what’s going on but they can come in by shuttle if they want.

O’Brien appears on the bridge and says he thinks he know what happened. There was an explosion of microscopic singularity and that shifted the chroniton particles and the beam was redirected through time. They went to San Francisco, like they were supposed to, but not when they were supposed to.

Kira asks about how much time – days, weeks? O’Brien says more like centuries.

The man next to Sisko is drawing on Sisko’s pants. Sisko gently pushes the guy away and he goes to draw on the person sitting on the other side of him.

Meanwhile, Bashir argues with Vin that they’ve been there for 3 hours and the line hasn’t moved. Vin says overtime and go sit down.

Sisko looks up at a clock on the wall, which says it’s 8/30/24, a Friday, and the temperature is 15C. I guess we adopt the metric system pretty soon?


Bashir goes to sit beside Sisko and says that some of the people are mentally ill and need treatment. Sisko knows and says they’re not going to get it. He’s still staring at the clock, and Bashir notices but doesn’t get it.

Sisko asks if he’s heard of the Bell Riots. Vaguely. It’s one of the most violent civil disturbances in American History and it happened here, San Francisco, Sanctuary District A, first week of September, 2024. Bashir is alarmed. If they don’t get out soon, they’ll be right in the middle of it.

Bashir asks how bad it’ll be. Bad. The Sanctuary residents will take over the district. Some guards will be taken hostage. The government will send in troops and hundreds of people will be killed. Bashir is somewhat upset that they can’t do anything to prevent it.

Sisko says he sympathizes, and if it’s any comfort the riots will be a watershed event – Gabriel Bell will see to that. He’s the man they named the riots after. He lives in the Sanctuary and will guard the hostages. Government troops will storm the place thinking the hostages have been killed. Turns out they weren’t harmed because of Bell.

In the end, he sacrifices his own life to save them and becomes a national hero. Outrage over his death and the other residents changes public opinion about Sanctuaries and they get torn down, and the US finally starts correcting social problems.

So they can’t warn the people it’s coming or try to prevent things, or it’ll seriously mess with history.

Vin interrupts and says they’re next.

The government official looks over their papers. Sisko asks if there’s something wrong.


I like this lady. Her outfit is boring government official, but the pattern of her jacket kind of adds a little bit of flair and personality. Like the security guys, she’s got a patch with some sort of bird and the letter A as well as an ID badge. Is the jacket government issued or did she buy her own and then have to add the patch for her job, and if so, is it removable or is she stuck having this patch on her jacket when she just wants to wear it out to dinner?

She says according to the forms they’re supposed to be dims, but they’re not, are they? He says he’s hopes she’s not disappointed. She says no, pleasantly surprised. She apologizes, saying if she’d know they were gimmes she could have processed the application much sooner.

Bashir doesn’t know what a gimme is; Sisko says it’s a slang term. The woman says she tries not to use them and explains that a gimme is a person looking for help – a job, a place to live. He asks about the dims. She says they should be in hospitals but the government can’t afford them so they get them instead. She hates it, but that’s how it is.

She says they just arrived in San Francisco and asks if they have jobs lined up. No, Bashir says, they weren’t planning on staying long. Do they have a place to stay or anyone who can vouch for them?

Sisko says they were traveling with a friend but got separated after they arrived. Anyway of contacting the friend? Nope. She says they’ll have to stay in the Sanctuary for the time being. It’s for their safety and it’s the law.

He asks how they’re gong to find places to live or jobs if they’re stuck inside. She says they provide a job placement service. How long does that take. She admits jobs are hard to come by, and advises them to be patient.

Then she gives them some ration cards and explains they’re used to get food and water at distribution points in the district. Hang onto them. Bashir asks where they’re supposed to stay. Anywhere – the buildings are there for everyone to use.

Sisko thanks her for her help. As they’re leaving, she advises them to stay away from District Security as they’ve had their budget cut again, so they’re overworked and underpaid. And watch out for ghosts – people who haven’t integrated well – they can be dangerous and tend to prey on other residents. They thank her for the warning and depart.

Back at the business office, Dax tries using her communicator to call Sisko and Bashir but there’s no response. Chris Brynner comes in and says his assistant has gotten her a hotel room for the next five nights. She thanks him.

He asks about her plans. She needs to find her friends. He said he had his assistant check and no one matching their descriptions has been admitted to city hospitals or trauma wards. He says he’d like to know how this turns out and invites her to come to a get-together he’s having in the office the next day – and bring her friends! She agrees.

Then he walks her to the door and says good luck, and she leaves.

Bashir and Sisko come up to a building looking for somewhere to sleep and a grumpy guy tells them they have to go elsewhere.


The guy is wearing at least two shirts – one undershirt, one button-down that’s not actually buttoned, and maybe a vest or something under his jacket which might also be a vest. His companion looks like he’s just wearing a hooded sweatshirt.

Bashir snarkily wonders if it’s full. The guy says “sorry” in a way that suggests he’s not at all sympathetic, and they walk on.

All the buildings they’ve gone to have been full and Bashir is skeptical. Sisko says that it might be true since the Sanctuary Districts were known to be overcrowded and no one seemed to care, they just wanted the people out of sight. Bashir points out a random guy on the street and says that he could live a completely normal life with the right medications – even in this time, but they don’t care. .

Sisko says they care but they’ve given up because the social problems seem to overwhelmingly large to fix. Bashir thinks this is worse. Sisko says they’ll remember eventually how to care.

Bashir wonders if humans are that different from Cardassians or Romulans. If something disastrous happens to the Federation and they’re frightened or desperate enough, how would they react? Stay true to ideals or just stay here, where they started.

Sisko doesn’t know but he says it’s his job to make sure they don’t have to find out.

They keep walking and come upon a group of men beating up another guy. Bashir wants to jump in, but Sisko stops him. The leader tries to provoke them into a fight and offers to welcome them.


The leader reminds me of a lot of kids I went to high school with in that he clearly wants to start fights and make witty comments (that aren’t actually that witty). It’s kind of dark here, but he’s got longish hair and a hat, and is also wearing layers of clothes underneath what looks like an oversized sweatshirt.

Sisko says they’re just looking for a place to sleep. The guy says to look somewhere else. Sisko and Bashir walk on.

On the Defiant, O’Brien has explained to the others that in theory, they should be able to travel to the past by focusing the transporter beam through the polarized chroniton particles. Unfortunately, they don’t know when Sisko and the others are. He’s narrowed it down to a dozen possibilities, but they only have enough chronitons to make five or six attempts.

Kira says they have to take a chance and tells him to pick the most likely option and they’ll send a team down with tricorders. The hard part will be getting volunteers crazy enough to risk getting lost in time. O’Brien knows some candidates.

Sisko and O’Brien have found a place to hang in what looks like the sort of basement nook below the stairs of a building. I know there’s a word for this space but I don’t know what it is.

seriously, I’m sure there’s a term for this space

Sisko brings them some food, waking Bashir from his sleep. Everyone else has gone to get breakfast. Sisko apologizes as they ran out of utensils and napkins, so Bashir has to eat what looks like a slice of white bread and scrambled eggs with his hands.


Sisko wants to get onto the roof of the buildings and get a good look at the place. If there’s a way out, they’ll find it.

They head out into the street, which is wide and filled with people, but no vehicles of any kind. I guess there aren’t even security patrols through the Sanctuary District?


They go to see the same guy who turned them away from his building the night before, who now has a bunch of his associates sitting on the steps with him.


His associate on the right was with him last night, and what I thought was a sweatshirt is actually a long jacket over a hooded sweatshirt. I like the green color.

Up near the door is a guy in khakis and stripes, which don’t make him look tough but at least bring in some color, and next to him is a guy in gray sweatpants and a red shirt over a white shirt. It looks actually like something you’d see today, except for the way his shirt sleeves are rolled up.

Sisko tries to explain that they just want to get up to the roof, but the guy says no, they can’t come in. They have to protect what’s theirs.

Bashir suggests a deal – can they exchange something? The guy is open to the idea, but Bashir and Sisko have to admit they don’t have anything to exchange. He tells them to try another building.

After they walk off, one of the guy’s friends whispers in his ear, and he calls out after them. He wants to make a deal.


Inside the building, there people sleeping on the floor in the hallway. Sisko and Bashir have got some new clothes, so they look like they belong there (and smell like it, as Bashir points out).

They pass a sick guy who’s being tended to by another man, and as they approach the man holds up a knife and tells them to stay away. Sisko explains they’re just trying to get to the roof and they’re new. He says it doesn’t look any better up there.

The sick guy moans, so knife guy goes back to him. He addresses the sick guy as Danny and explains when Bashir asks that he was beaten up by ghosts. His wife went to get help, but there’s only one doctor on duty. Bashir says he knows a little bit about medicine. Sisko is reluctant, but relents and lets Bashir take a look.

He gently opens the guy’s shirt and feels around. He says there are no broken ribs and the cuts are superficial, and advises the other guy to get some clean rags and disinfectant like alcohol. He says he can get some and heads up the stairs. Sisko watches nervously.


They leave the building and the guy runs after them. Captions identify him as “Father” so I guess he’s Danny’s dad. Since it’s light outside, we get a little better look at their outfits.


Sisko is wearing a gray shirt under a white shirt under what I think is overalls (I thought apron at first but that’s weird) under what’s either a two-toned jacket or two jackets. Could go either way.

The dad is wearing a collared shirt and a vest which is extremely formal and impressive.

The father says they could use another doctor. Bashir says he doesn’t practice and people will have to get along without him. The guy says they can forget about leaving any time soon; they’re not going to get help from anyone else so they need to pull together.

Bashir has this sort of sullen expression.


He’s wearing a striped shirt, which is just perfect, under a gray hooded sweatshirt, under a blue denim jacket. His hair is slightly tousled and he totally fits the part of grumpy teenager.

Sisko says they just want to be left alone. The guy says he thought they wanted to leave. Bashir says they do. He says the only way that’ll happen is if they get organized and let people outside know what’s going on.

Sisko says fine just leave them out of it. The guy says that’s fine; if they want to help them and help themselves, they know where to find him.


A very fancily dressed butler serves what I think is shrimp cocktail to some business people who are talking about sea floor drilling.


I really like the detail on the lapels of his jacket. Ties and bowties seem to have gone out of fashion, as there isn’t really a knot here, just a sort of fold of ribbon around his neck.

Dax is there, along with Chris, and they’re both wearing suits.


Chris is wearing a crisp white shirt and a matching vest and not-tie thing with a black jacket, which I guess is more formal than the khaki one he was wearing.

Dax has put up her hair into what I assume is a fancy updo in the back, with feathers coming out the back. The shorter hairstyle feels very (19)20s to me. She’s also wearing a suit – charcoal gray jacket vest (maybe?) and either a blue and white striped shirt with a multicolored not-tie, or a multicolored shirt and a blue and white not-tie. Hard to tell.

They’re talking to a rather vibrantly dressed man and a woman wearing almost nothing but gray.


The guy is wearing shades of orange and blue in his jacket and his not-tie, and it looks like a gray-blue shirt and blue vest and then gray lapels. Are the gray lapels part of the jacket, or is he wearing two jackets? Neither would surprise me at this point.

The woman has a gray jacket that sort of looks like a cape. It gives the impression of having just stepped off a zeppelin, here to look after your children, but her haughty expression here says “I don’t do servants’ work.” She’s got a nice updo with some braids that I appreciate, and a random hairclip bow thing off to the side that I don’t understand.

The guy asks Chris about his trip to Christchurch, where he did some skiing. The woman says they had to cancel their trip to the Alps because of student protests in France. Chris thought the Neo-Trotskyists were putting a stop to that. No more luck than the Gaullists, she replies.

The vibrant man says that Europe is falling apart, and the woman says at least they don’t have to worry about that kind of thing there. Dax says don’t count on it, which stuns them into silence.

Chris says they’ll have to excuse her cynicism as she was mugged. The woman asks who mugged her and if she saw them. Dax says it doesn’t matter, she’s just glad she wasn’t hurt. Chris said they took everything even her ID, and she says that Chris was nice enough to let her order a replacement.

The man says that they were lucky the police didn’t find her first – if they caught her without ID, she might have ended up in a Sanctuary District. The woman thought they stopped doing that, but the man says it’s the only way to keep those people off the streets.

Dax excuses them and pulls aside Chris to ask if this is true. He says yes, and she says she’s worried that her friends are in a Sanctuary District. She asks if they can look to see if they’re inside. He says it’ll take some doing since the records aren’t on the Net. But he might be able to get some favors.

Back in the distract, Sisko and Bashir are warming themselves by a fire as they wait for dinner. Bashir jokes he thought the lines at the replimat were bad, and by the time they get dinner it’ll be time for breakfast. Sisko leaves him to look further up the line.

The annoying guy from the day before (who I guess qualifies as a Ghost) comes over and starts bugging Bashir, wanting to see his food card. Bashir asks why. Because I said so.

Sisko returns and commands the guy to let him go. The guy and his friends start to beat up Sisko. A fight breaks out, with lots of punching. The spectators are alarmed.

This dude is watching.


We don’t get a good look at him, but he’s got a brown jacket over a red shirt.

The above guy comes in, pulls the leader out, punches him a few times, then goes to ask Bashir if he’s okay. The leader recovers, comes back, and attacks the interloper, stabbing him in the stomach. He wants to steal the guy’s food card. His associates do, and then they all run off.

Sisko and Bashir rush to help the guy, since he wouldn’t have gotten hurt if not for them. Lights from what I assume are helicopters hover overhead as Bashir starts to do CPR. He seems to be dead.

An alarm starts blaring, and security rushes in. They see the guy is dead, and start to chase after Sisko and Bashir, who run into an alleyway and hide beneath some blankets. The security officers run past, not seeing them.

Bashir is relieved that Security has passed, but Sisko says they have bigger problems – the man who just got killed was Gabriel Bell.

Bashir is unhappy with himself that he couldn’t save Bell, that he didn’t have his medkit and couldn’t get him to hospital. Sisko says he did what he could.

What will happen to the hostages? Sisko admits there’s a good chance they will die. How will that affect the future? They have to save them. No matter what, they have to make sure the hostages survive.

Bashir agrees.

On the Defiant, Kira and O’Brien are ready to beam into the past and try things out, so they’ve put on casual clothes.


This is Kira’s usual casual away mission outfit – brown pants, huge belt, lacy crocheted vest thing over a green shirt. With a bag added on.

O’Brien’s outfit hasn’t been seen since the last away mission he went on with Kira when he tried to pretend to be her pimp. It’s not quite flashy enough for that but I like the colors.

O’Brien says that Starfleet Headquarters doesn’t want them to go, saying the plan is too risky. They think they’ll mess up the timeline somehow. Kira wants to talk to Admiral Wright. O’Brien tries to call but doesn’t get any response from Starfleet.

Odo comes in and wonders if there’s something wrong with the communications array. He was talking to Starfleet Security and his comm line went dead. O’Brien says there’s nothing wrong on their end. Kira wonders if it’s interference. They try another signal. Nothing.

O’Brien tries to direct it toward a communications satellite in Earth orbit, but they’re not there. The whole satellite network is gone. Everything. Things on Mars and Venus – gone. He doesn’t see any sign of Starfleet activity in the sector.

Kira suggests a non-Federation frequency. O’Brien says he’s only getting subspace signals from Alpha Centauri, and they’re Romulan. This is weird.

Odo puts forth the idea that Sisko and the others have altered the timeline. O’Brien thinks so, but Kira wonders why they weren’t affected. O’Brien thinks it has to do with the singularity explosion, creating a buble around the ship to isolate them from the changes in the timeline.

Either way, the Defiant is all that’s left of Starfleet.

Bashir and Sisko go to talk to Danny’s father and say they want to get involved and have changed their minds. He’s glad to hear it and says the place is about to explode.

He says most of them agreed to live there because they were promised jobs, but no one he knows has been on any interviews and they’ve been forgotten. To make them remember the Sanctuary district, he says that the day after tomorrow they’re going to hold a rally and he wants everyone to come and remind people outside they haven’t done anything wrong and they’re not criminals.

Sisko agrees to spread the word. The guy says to bring kids and try to look their best as they’re not derelicts.

Chris is making some phone calls with his computer. He confirms with Dax that her friends are in Sanctuary District A and says it might not be easy to get them out. He says the Sanctuary Personnel will have to find them first and there’s like 10,000 people in there.


It looks like it should be a video-phone, since there’s a screen, but at no point does he look down at the screen, so clearly he’s not really using it for that. Also, Dax has taken off her jacket, confirming that it was indeed a white with blue stripes shirt and a gray vest, which has a very high collar for a vest. Also, she’s wearing a short black skirt with black tights rather than pants.

He assures her that they’ll be okay, though – that’s what the Sanctuary Districts are for – to give people who are in trouble a place to stay! She wonders why there’s a wall around it. He doesn’t have an answer.

Bashir and Sisko go around and spread the word to lots of people, trying to get them to come to the rally. Suddenly, Danny (I think?) runs past them quickly, and Sisko pulls him aside to ask what’s going on.

A guard got into a fight with a dim at the processing center and everyone is going crazy and he needs to find his dad. There’s an explosion. Everyone is running away, but Sisko and Bashir head toward the sound.

There are things on fire and the people start beating up the guards. One of them takes the gun from the guard, but Sisko takes it from him. He fires it into the air. Bashir pushes the people away from the guard and he and Sisko take him away from the crowd. Since he’s got a gun, no one bothers him.

Meanwhile in the Processing center, the leader of the people who tried to beat up Bashir and Sisko has his own gun and has taken the government workers as hostages. The lady who processed Bashir and Sisko tries to tell him he can’t do this, but he shoves her up against the wall like the rest of them.


Sisko comes in with his gun. He thinks Sisko and Bashir are on his side and wants them to put the guard they’ve brought with the others.

Bashir asks what he’s doing. He says he’s making a political statement and hopes to stage a photo op even. Sisko tells Bashir to do as he says, so Bashir leads the guard over with the others.

The leader of the ghosts says he’s waited a while and he won’t be disappointed and calls Sisko “New Boy.” Sisko says his name is Gabriel Bell.


Stray Thoughts:

* Sorry these keep getting later every week. Life gets in the way and also I’m lazy.

* I didn’t know Sisko had a sister.

* Well, it’s certainly interesting to watch this from the perspective of 2020, isn’t it?

* Stay tuned for part two!