Werewolf 116: Watership Down, Sign-Ups

After Hazel-rah, Bigwig, and the others freed the captive does from Efrafa and repelled General Woundwort’s attack, the rabbits of the Down settled into a life of tranquility. For two springs, the warren flourished, and new kittens were soon hopping across the grassy fields surrounding the burrow holes.

Then, one humid summer day, the rabbits awoke to find Hazel-rah was gone. Weeks passed, and though Fiver insisted his brother was still alive, he once again began to have terrible dreams.

Back in Efrafa, General Woundwort, horribly wounded from his failed attack on the Down, received word that their Chief Rabbit had vanished. He knew the time had come to activate his Efrafan spies that had carefully infiltrated the enemy warren.


In this game, you will be assigned a character from the book to roleplay. If there is a specific rabbit you want to RP, let me know which one when you sign up. (It must be from the list below.) Otherwise, you will be assigned a character randomly.

Knowledge of the book or characters is not necessary to play. The character descriptions below are brief so that you can get creative, expand and make it your own (though please keep them as rabbits). Or, if you’re not into RP, that’s okay, all I ask is that you make an attempt to stay within the reality of the setting.

The 1978 film (available for rental on Amazon, YouTube, or the Criterion Channel) or the 2018 Netflix miniseries are both faithful adaptations of the story, but they are not required to play.

This game will contain some story spoilers.

The Rabbits of Watership Down:

Acorn (Glitch) – Excellent at gathering bugs and unflaggingly loyal
Ash (Nate) – The fastest runner in the warren
Bigwig (Hoho) – Largest and bravest rabbit in the group, cunning and always ready for a fight
Blackavar (Lamb Dance) – A skilled tracker and excellent ranger
Blackberry (Sic) – Clever, understands concepts other rabbits find incomprehensible
Bluebell (DW) – A compulsive joker who some find amusing, others annoying
Boxwood (Hayes Code) – Tells strange poems that sometimes frighten the kittens
Buckthorn (Sagittariuskim) – A tough, sturdy rabbit with a quiet and easygoing nature
Captain Holly (Grumproro) – Loyal and steadfast, chief of scouts
Clover (Snugglewumps) – Rescued from a farm, now a strong and active member of the den
Dandelion (Louie) – A natural storyteller, often entertains the den with stories of El-ahrairah
Fiver (Jake) – Intelligent, thoughtful, not a leader but other rabbits listen to his advice
Hawkbit (Corporal Hicks) – Serious and somewhat sarcastic
Haystack (Sister Jude) – Adores the den’s kittens and teaches them how to be safe
Hopcorn (Mayelbridwen) – Values freedom above all else
Hyzenthlay (Wasp) – Empathetic and courageous, her name means “fur shining like dew”
Laurel (HappiestGirl) – Loves flowers and adorns the warren floors with colorful petal patterns
Pipkin (Emmelemm) – A small, timid, young rabbit who is perceptive about the behavior of others
Silver (Ralph) – Almost as strong as Bigwig but does not have the same boldness or confidence
Speedwell (Mr.ImMyOwnGrampa) – An energetic, easy-going joker
Strawberry (Stoneheart) – A newcomer from another den, works especially hard to earn trust

NOTE: You can choose the gender of your character. The book isn’t always clear about each rabbit’s gender, so I won’t be picky about it.

Powers and Factions

Your secret power and faction loyalty will be assigned randomly after everyone has their RP character. This means your character and your power/loyalty have nothing to do with each other.


Den Rabbits (Town) win the game when the Spies and the Betrayer are gone.
Efrafan Spies (Wolves) win the game when their numbers equal Town and the Betrayer is gone.
The Betrayer (SK) wins the game when they are the last rabbit standing. 


  1. Louie
  2. Hoho
  3. Sic
  4. Grumproro
  5. Ralph
  6. Stoneheart
  7. HappiestGirl
  8. DW
  9. Emmelemm
  10. Sister Jude
  11. Corporal Hicks
  12. Glitch
  13. Wasp
  14. Lamb Dance
  15. Jake
  16. Hayes Code
  17. Mayelbridwen
  18. Sagittariuskim
  19. Snugglewumps
  20. Mr.ImMyOwnGrampa
  21. Nate



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