The Avocado’s Favorite Actor – Second Round!

It’s time for another patented BannerThief Tournament, where The Avocado is nearly torn asunder by infighting, sectarian conflicts, and hair-splitting of the highest order! It’s time for us to determine…WHO IS OUR FAVORITE ACTOR?

This is the Second Round, where 64 “Actors” and 32 “Actresses” will go head-to-head to determine…who is our Favorite Actor?

A note: “Actor” is a sometimes nebulous term, so I will be defining what I mean here: An actor, according to my definition, has appeared in at least one film or TV episode, has an entry on IMDB, and is a gender-neutral term.

This means that I am running TWO concurrent tournaments, using Academy rules, to avoid a dearth of representation. Simply put, I don’t want white dudes running away with this competition!

All brackets were sorted via seed according to number of upvotes.

(Additional mea culpa: I mistakenly passed over Jake Gyllenhaal while assembling the initial bracket, so we held a bonus “Wildcard Round” among four possible entrants to determine who would take his rightful seed’s place. It was determined that Robert Shaw would replace that entrant going forward. Very sorry for this error.)


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