Job Rants Thread – 1/24/2020 – Midnight Oil


Hey, all; Happy Friday –


My boss is gone for 2 months.

I have stayed late every night this week.

My co-workers have a backlog of work going back to December.

They don’t respond to my emails.

They don’t keep up with their notes.

I have been finishing their work more than my own.

I can only type in sentence fragments.

I think this is what being in charge feels like

It’s me or them.


…How are you all doing?

Thar’s right, my dear workados, the table’s reserved, the menus are down, and the company card has a six appetizer limit. I, however, will likely not be joining you this week, as I will be elbow-deep in enough paperwork to have killed the Bavarian National Forest; but that definitely doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy yourselves. Raise a glass, raise your voice and let it all hang out; just maybe pour out a shot or two for me as I longingly watch through the monitor.

As ever, have a productive rest of the day, safe trip home, and a great weekend, and remember: RESPOND TO YOUR DAMN EMAILS! I KNOW YOU’RE IN YOUR OFFICE, AND I KNOW YOU GOT THEM. I’M ONLY TRYING TO HELP SPEED THIS PROCESS ALONG, AND YOU’RE. NOT. HELPING! DAMN IT.