The Thursday Politics Thread Will Not Be Tolerited Any Longer

Morning Politocadoes!

On Wednesday morning, the Stable Genius President walked back his aggressive stance toward Iran. Following the assassination of Suleimani and Iran’s counterattack and we all appeared to be on the precipice of war, Trump appeared to have taken Iran’s offer of not further escalating conflict. Of course he did so in a silly, silly speech that mostly blamed Obama filled with slurring words, mispronunciations, and lots, lots and sniffing.


He also managed to leak sensitive information while bragging about our big, huge missiles. Yes, watch the Joint Chiefs of Staff’s faces while he describes our ‘hypersonic weapons’.

And so here we are, apparently not at war. Yet.

But we still clearly have a dumb, senile criminal in the Oval Office hopelessly addicted to some form of speed.

Somehow, I do not feel safer.

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