Werewolves 112 — Home Alone — FINAL — This is my house, I have to defend it.

After being terrorized for several days, the abandoned kids now seemed back in control of their own fate. Little Audrey’s death meant the Wet Bandits had only one of their members remaining.

Unfortunately for the last Wet Bandit, the very dangerous BB gun was in the hands of the very unpredictable SLIGHTLY.

“Power immeasurable! Victory or failure within my hands!”

The decision of who to shoot was not an easy–


Erm, actually SLIGHTLY seemed fairly determined.

“Shoot the egg! Gudetama must be ENDED.”

SNUGGLEWUMPS // GUDETAMA has been killed. They were a WET BANDIT.


Town wins!


  • Christmas Ornament caltrops – (targeted player would not be able to use their item during the night phase)
  • Buzz’s Tarantula – (in town’s hands, the targeted player would be investigated; in wolves’ hands, the targeted player’s entire item history would be revealed)
  • BB gun – (in town’s hands, the targeted player would be killed; in wolves’ hands, the targeted item would be destroyed)
  • Tar covered stairs – (targeted player would be forced to hold the same item until they were eliminated from the game)
  • Michael Jordan cutout – (if the player holding this item were to die, this item will be killed and removed from the game instead)
  • Puppet mannequin – (allowed a private vote within the possessor’s QT that would be hidden from public view until twilight)
  • Treehouse zip line – (if the player holding this item were to be day killed, the second place player would be killed instead)
  • Blowtorch – (targeted item would be destroyed)
  • Paintcan pendulum – (targeted player’s vote would be negated)
  • “Angels With Filthy Souls” VHS – (the player holding this item and this item could not be affected by item actions at night)
  • Hide-A-Bed – (the player holding this item could invite a player to a private QT, open for the current day/night phase)
  • superheated doorknob – (the player holding this item could choose a word; the first player to say this word in the OT would be punished with limited communication in some way)
  • garbage can full of salt – (no power for town; scum could choose to activate and hide a player’s alignment after being killed)
  • Playboy magazine – (any player that received this item could not claim to have received this item at all for the rest of the game; hints towards having the Playboy magazine were not allowed either, under punishment of modkill)
  • Harry’s gold tooth – (the player that holds this item would read as town when investigated)
  • toothbrush approved by the American Dental Association – (this item had no use in the game)