Werewolves 112 — Home Alone — Day Five — Did I get him? Where’d it go? Where is it?

The Bandits, sore from their first casualty suffered, sought to wreak vengeance for their fallen friend overnight. It would be easy on this night, as they had received good fortune in the form of the BB gun.

Their massacre began as they took aim at one of the children’s furry little friends.

“Don’t try anything funny, Wet Bandits! I can see you with my photoreceptive little eye,” said the Chubble.

“Uh uh, you won’t be seeing nothing no more,” said the first Wet Bandit, as they removed the cuddly buddy’s eye with a crowbar.

“No! Such darkness! Such horrible darkness! Please, have mercy!” cried the Chubble.

“Okee dokee, you asked for it,” said the second Wet Bandit, crushing the plushy pal under their boot heel. “Go towards the light.”

JAKE // CHUBBLE has been killed. They were VANILLA TOWN.

The Wet Bandits took sadistic glee in their misdeeds. “Best part is, the night is just getting started. Time to take aim at their other fuzzy little friend!”

Steadily, the BB gun’s barrel was aimed squarely at the other inhuman, monstrous little fuzzball in the house. They could only get one shot; they best not miss.

The trigger was pulled, and the target was struck dead between the eyes — all eight of them.

BUZZ’S TARANTULA has been killed. It was FULL OF MICE GUTS.

“Haha! Take that you ugly little bastard!” The wolves may have lost yesterday’s battle, but the war was far from over.


Starting roles:

12 5 abandoned kids (vanilla town)

3 2 Wet Bandits (wolves)



The abandoned kids win when all Wet Bandits are killed.

The Wet Bandits win when they are at least 50% of the remaining players in the game.

There are no special roles. Instead, there are 16 items in this game. At the start of each day, all players (town and scum) will receive a new item, which they will hold for the following day and night phases. At the start of a new day phase, you will receive a new item, and your previous item will be switched to a different player.

All players received an item at the start of day one.

All items can be received by town or scum. Some items have different effects based on the alignment of their recipient. If a player dies while holding an item, it will still be eligible to be received by another player.



  • Christmas Ornament caltrops – Use the caltrops on enemies! After they step on them, they’ll be in too much pain to use their own item.
  • Buzz’s Tarantula – Strikes fear in the hearts of kids and Wet Bandits alike. They’ll tell you anything you want to know. (in town’s hands, the targeted player would be investigated; in wolves’ hands, the targeted player’s entire item history would be revealed)
  • BB gun – Aim true. Shoot to kill.
  • Tar covered stairs – Very sticky. Once someone spills tar on you, it’ll be hard to let go of your item. (targeted player would be forced to hold the same item until they were eliminated from the game)
  • Michael Jordan cutout – He makes a good decoy. (if the player holding this item were to die, this item will be killed and removed from the game instead)
  • Puppet mannequin – Everyone else might think they know what you’re doing, but all that dancing just distracts them while you privately make your own plans.
  • Treehouse zip line – Get away from danger, fast!
  • Blowtorch – Very destructive. Got something you want destroyed? Take a blowtorch to it.
  • Paintcan pendulum – After you hit someone in the head with a paintcan, it’ll be hard for them to stand, let alone vote.
  • “Angels With Filthy Souls” VHS – Nobody is going to mess with Gangster Johnny. “Keep the change, ya filthy animal!”
  • Hide-A-Bed – You’re gonna have to share with Fuller. Hope he didn’t have too much soda last night.
  • superheated doorknob – If you can trick someone into touching it, they’re going to regret it!
  • garbage can full of salt – Probably full of dead bodies. (no power for town; scum could choose to activate and hide a player’s alignment after being killed)
  • Playboy magazine – Hush hush.
  • Harry’s gold tooth – Flash that bright smile.
  • toothbrush approved by the American Dental Association – Very important. Probably the most important item.




  1. Side Character – Dipper Pines
  2. Moonstermash – One Piper Piping
  3. Goat – Hänsel and Goatel SCUM
  4. Sic – The Little Prince
  5. Emm – Pippi Longstocking TOWN
  6. dw – Benoit Blanc TOWN
  7. Indy – Brian Johnson TOWN
  8. Jake – Chubble TOWN
  9. Video – Little Audrey
  10. Gramps – Robot Santa TOWN
  11. snugs – Gudetama the Lazy Egg
  12. Grump – Slightly, Lost Boy TOWN
  13. hoho – SLIGHTLY, post-impressionist cat
  14. RPC – Michel-y Foucaulkin TOWN
  15. Ralph – Furby



Additional rules:

  • Killed players will be roleclaimed.
  • At twilight, the player with the most votes will be day killed. Ties will result in NO KILL.* (exceptions apply)
  • Anything posted in game threads (such as spreadsheets) will be considered part of the game, and therefore must abide by game rules. This means that if a player is killed, they should not update any materials which have been shared in-game.
  • Feel free to ask any questions in your personal QT or on the game thread.
  • Neglecting the following rules, in spirit or by the letter, could result in modkilling:
    • No editing posts.
    • No quoting QTs unless otherwise instructed.
    • No game talk after twilight.
    • Respect your fellow players and their feelings. Attack arguments, not people. Everyone has a different play-style. Be accommodating to them.