Werewolves 112 — Untitled Christmas Game — Sign-ups

(No, this is not based on some holly jolly version of the Untitled Goose Game — unfortunately.)

The holidays are here! Much like WW80 (Die Hard with a Werewolf), I, April Ludgate-Karate-Dwyer, will be running a game over the week of Christmas for any players who would like to join.

This game’s theme will be based on another beloved holiday film, TBD by number of players who join and my own fickle preferences, which I’m sure will change several times between when I am writing this and when day one begins.

Since we will run through Christmas, I am unsure how many players will be available. I have contingency plans for anywhere from 12 to 20 players… roles and number of scum will vary depending on the final number.

This will be a pretty basic game regardless! Newbies are welcome!

Planned schedule:
Friday morning, 12/20: sign-ups posted
Friday evening, 12/20: sign-ups closed (regardless of size, although sign-ups are limited to 20 players)
Saturday, 12/21: QTs created and shared
Sunday, 12/22: Day One begins.

Regarding scheduling around the holidays: I am going to attempt to have most days run for about 24 hours, with the exception being on Christmas Eve/Christmas Day. I will leave that day longer (presumably day three or day four) since I am sure several players will have other plans during those days. I do not anticipate this game running until New Year’s.

Roles will include a scum faction (duh), an investigator, and a jailer at minimum. Other roles may be included based on game size and theme.

Additional rules:

  • Killed players will be roleclaimed.
  • At twilight, the player with the most votes will be day killed. Ties will result in NO KILL.
  • Anything posted in game threads (such as spreadsheets) will be considered part of the game, and therefore must abide by game rules. This means that if a player is killed, they should not update any materials which have been shared in-game.
  • Feel free to ask any questions in your personal QT or on the game thread.
  • Neglecting the following rules, in spirit or by the letter, could result in modkilling:
    • No editing posts.
    • No quoting QTs unless otherwise instructed.
    • No game talk after twilight.
    • Respect your fellow players and their feelings. Attack arguments, not people. Everyone has a different play-style. Be accommodating to them.

Sign-ups will be updated sporadically in the first comment. Sign-ups will close once we get 20 players, or at 10 pm Central time on Friday. Complete ruleset will be announced on Day One, as they will depend on the number of players signed up.