Comic Book Review – Symbiote Spider-Man – Alien Reality #1 (of 5)

Hot on the heels of the wildly popular Symbiote Spider-Man miniseries, Peter David and Greg Land reunite for the sequel miniseries Symbiote Spider-Man: Alien Reality

Picking up shortly after the initial miniseries, Spider-Man has a new partner in Kraven the Hunter, he patrols the city with his Spider-Mobile, and he is still dating The Black Cat, Natasha Romanov.

Wait a minute, this can’t be right, can it?

Spider-Man knows something is amiss and decides to check in with the Sorcerer Supreme Doctor Stephen Strange. As Wong leads him to the Master of the Mystic Arts, Spider-Man is blindsided by The Hobgoblin, who wields the Eye of Agamotto and the Cloak of Levitation!

What has happened to Peter Parker’s world and why is he the only one who knows what’s changed?

It could be the work of the Word of God, a mysterious tome found in Siberia by the Black Widow. After she investigated a downed aircraft with this object of unknown origin onboard, Doctor Stephen Strange appeared on scene. He cast a spell to protect the book from being damaged by the fiery remains of the aircraft and left to protect it from the outside world. The Word of God seems to act like the Book of Destiny in the DC Universe. If you change something in the book, it changes reality for good or bad. How Hobgoblin got his orange mitts on it and changed reality will be revealed over the course of the next few issues.

Speaking of Hobgoblin, he is the perfect antagonist for this miniseries. Hobgoblin was the premiere supervillain and consistent thorn in Spider-Man’s side during the 1980s. One of the greatest mysteries that ran through the monthly Amazing Spider-Man title was – who was the man behind the Hobgoblin’s mask. It was more popular than Who Shot JR? on Dallas or Wendy’s commercials asking Where’s the Beef? The revelations of JR’s shooter and Hobgoblin’s secret identity would prove to be lackluster.

Spider-Man barely survived his first encounter with the all-powerful Hobgoblin if not for the timely intervention of Stephen Strange. How will these two men put reality back to the way it was before? What other changes will these heroes encounter in this alien reality?

Next Issue – THE MENACE OF HOBGOBLIN CONTINUES! Peter Parker’s world is turned upside-down – but is it for the better?! What’s so different about this world that Spider-Man would want to stay? GUEST STARRING DOCTOR STRANGE! On Sale January 9, 2020.