The Goblin Night Thread (11 Dec 2019)


Goblins are a fecund race, with a great deal of physiological variation across the worlds. Here is but a small sample of those wonderful, wonderful little booger monsters.

Pathfinder Goblin

The Goblins of Golarion, the setting of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, are one of the breakout hits of the 21st century gaming community. These big-headed little maniacs hate dogs, are terrified of horses, love fire, believe writing steals your soul, and sing like angels. Angels who, uh, sing about murdering dogs and horses and burning down your house.

5e Goblin

This a Goblin from D&D. D&D goblins seem to have a culture the consists primarily of being murdered in their hundreds by so-called heroes and henching for more powerful monsters. They’re kind of boring, in my opinion, but they’re the template from which most goblins must deviate.

Night Goblin

These are more Goblins.

This is a Night Goblin, from Games Workshop’s Old World fantasy setting. They live in the deepest mines carved out of the living stone by the Dwarves, whom the Night Goblins kill to get these nice posh digs. They have an ecstatic religion based on hallucinogenic fungus, have domesticated the savage Critters-esque monsters called Squigs, and every few centuries throw up a tactical and strategic genius that threatens all of human civilization.

Iron Kingdoms Gobber

This Yoda-lookin’ motherfucker is a Gobber, from Privateer Press’ Iron Kingdoms setting. Gobbers are mechanical savants, who are constantly tinkering and creating lunatic steampunk inventions. They’re not powerful, nor particularly populous, but when you absolutely, positively need a flamethrower powered by swamp gas, they’re your sort-of men.

Froud Goblin

These are Froudian Goblins, who serve David Bowie, the Goblin King. They like to sing and dance and steal babies. They’re not violent by any means, but they also haven’t really been slaughtered in their thousands by protagonists, so they’ve never really needed to learn that skill.

Sphynx Goblin

This is a real world Goblin. This one loves money, but most of her family and friends love swimming, fish, and sleeping on your face. They’re a handful to keep, but they’re the best raw chicken companions you’ll ever find.