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Comic Book Canon: The Sandman. Issues 70-72

Welcome to a series that I am continuing. I am going to go through Neil Gaiman’s now-classic series The Sandman


Issue #70

Title: Which occurs in the wake of what has gone before

Artist: Michael Zulli

Collected in: The Wake

Plot: The members of the Endless receive messages and they gather at the Necropolis. They create an envoy whom they name Eblis O’Shaughnessey to gather the sacred relics in order to have a funeral for Morpheus.

In the Dreaming, Matthew is grieving. He feels guilty for leaving Morpheus to face his fate alone. Cain demands that Daniel recreate Abel, which Daniel does. Daniel also recreates Mervyn Pumpkinhead, but when he offers to recreate Fiddler’s Green, Gilbert declines stating that his death gave his life meaning.

Elsewhere, Nuala, Rose Walker, Richard Maddoc, Alex Burgess, Lyta Hall, and Hob Gadling fall asleep and find themselves in the Dreaming along with others such as Titania and Bast for the Wake for Morpheus.


Keep an eye on: The Necropolis was seen back in issue #55, establishing the funeral rites of the Endless. Alex is seen at the age where Morpheus was first imprisoned. Nuala is staying at one of the Free Houses mentioned in World’s End


 Issue #71

Title: In which a wake is held

Artist: Michael Zulli

Collected in: The Wake

Plot: The guests gather for the wake, and Daniel is not permitted to attend. Matthew is upset that Mervyn has been recreated thinking he should be dead. Daniel admits to Matthew that he is afraid. Matthew considers moving on and Daniel offers to send him after the Wake. Destiny asks Matthew to speak at the service


Calliope discusses how their romance faded. Mad Hattie talks about how Morpheus would visit her in the street. Nuala blames herself for calling Morpheus away from the Dreaming. Cluracan meets his nemisis.

Titania keeps her opinions to herself. Rose and Jed Walker encounter Lyta, who says they are celebrating the death if a monster and that she should kill her baby. Larissa talks about her time with Morpheus.

DC characters Clark Kent, Batman, Martian Manhunter 1 John Constantine compliments the trench coats of Doctor Occult and the Phantom Stranger.


Keep an eye on: The Bhartari Raja was last seen in issue 53.

My take Wouldn’t you hate to have all your exes talking about you at your funeral?


Issue #72 2

Title: “In which we wake”

Artist: Michael Zulli

Collected in: The Wake

Plot: They gather for the service. Destiny speaks first. And they all speak in turn, including Matthew. Morpheus’s form sails down a river as Death speaks last. The dreamers wake.

During the ceremony, Destruction arrives at the castle and meets Daniel. He suggests that Dream can leave as well. Afterwards Daniel meets Lyta and grants her his protection


Matthew makes his decision. He doesn’t want to be Daniel’s raven but decides that Daniel needs him. Daniel meets his family for the first time


DC characters Darkseid, Wesley Dodds who was the Golden Age Sandman,

Keep an eye on: Emperor Norton sits next to Rose. Duma still has the Key to Hell. The reincarnated Nada watches the boat as does Orpheus

My take Matthew is just my favorite character. As an actor, I wish I could record his dialogue