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Comic Book Canon: The Sandman. Issues 61-64

Welcome to a series that I am continuing. I am going to go through Neil Gaiman’s now-classic series The Sandman

Issue # 61

Title: The Kindly Ones: 5

Artist:Marc Hempel & D’Isrseli

Collected in: The Kindly Ones

Plot: Still in her inner journey, Lyta Hall is offered Medusa’s place by the Gorgon sisters, but she declines, still searching for the Furies. Rose Walker visits Zelda, who is dying of AIDS. Zelda gives Rose a message from her dead grandmother, to go to the place where she slept and she will give Rose her heart back.

Dream has remade the Corinthian. He sends him with Matthew to find Daniel. In Fairie, Nuala finds herself missing Dream. Carla goes to the police, who have never heard of Pinkerton and Fellows.

Carla comes back to Lyta’s place and finds a photo of Daniel. It spontaneously combusts, burning her hand. Rose assists in bandaging her, and mentions that she is returning to England. Later Pinkerton finds her and forces her into a car. As the car catches on fire, he reveals his true identity: Loki.



My take These four issues are reminding me of a final season of a television show. We have characters from stories past and we’re catching up with them


Issue # 62

Title: The Kindly Ones: 6

Artist: Glyn Dillon, Charles Vess, Dean Ormston, and D’Israeli

Collected in: The Kindly Ones

Plot: Rose returns to England and meets Jack Halladay, the nephew of the solicitor Rose met back in issue #10. She heads to the nursing hime where Unity slept. The room is empty, and she checks the broom closet were she once encountered the Hecate. It is also empty.

She meets three residents of the rest home. One of them tells a story of a wicked man who kills his wife and their children kill him and fly away.

The director of the nursing home is Paul Maguire and he shows her Alec Burgess, still asleep.


DC characters It has been suggested that Helena is Helena Kosmatos, the Golden Age Fury and the (post-Crisis) mother of Lyta Hall

Historical references Rose and Paul discuss the Piglet doll lost by Christopher Robin Milne. The ’45 Rebellion refers to the Jacobite uprising in 1745.

Keep an eye on:Notice the Piglet doll with Alec

My take We haven’t seen Alec and Paul since the very first issue and this issue is a parallel to issue #10


Issue # 63

Title: The Kindly Ones: 7

Artist: Marc Hempel

Collected in: The Kindly Ones

Plot: Thessaly, now calling herself Larissa, 1 finds the wandering Lyta Hall. She takes Lyta back to her hotel room, and by sacrificing a black lamb, creates a protection spell.

Odin meets with Dream, angry that Morpheus allowed Loki to be let free, while a dream version takes his place. 2 Delirium has lost Barnabas and asks Destiny for help. Destiny tells her that if she looks for her dog she will find him, but the choice is hers.

Dream visits Fiddler’s Green and talks to Gilbert. In her dream state, Lyta meets the Furies. She begs them to destroy Morpheus for the death of her son. They say they can’t do that, but they can kill him because he killed his own child.


My take So now Thessaily is back, who we last saw in A Game of You. We also see Gilbert, perhaps to remind us of him so his death has an impact. The further we go into this story the clearer it is that you have to have read the entire series. Virtually every major character from each arc makes an appearance


Issue # 64

Title: The Kindly Ones: 8

Artist: Teddy Kristiansen

Collected in: The Kindly Ones

Plot: A week in the Dreaming. On Moonday, Dream meets children searching for their mother. On Truesday, he meets with a nightmare he sent into the world. 3 On Wodensday he has his meeting with Odin from last issue. On Thirstday he visits the waking world and watches a production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

On Fire’s Day, Delirium shows up asking for help looking for Barnabas. On Saytrsday, the Furies in the form of Lyta Hall. When she is challenged by the Griffin, she destroys him. She warns Morpheus that she will destroy him and the Dreaming. On Son’s day they bury the Griffin

Meanwhile, Rose sleeps with Jack, her solicitor, and later finds out that he’s married. Matthew and the Corinthian examine Carla’s body. Using Carla’s eyes, the Corinthian sees that Loki was her killer. They travel to another realm when they are attacked by a wolf. Lucifer feels restless, Larissa keeps her watch over Lyta’s body, and Nuala is pensive.

Historical references Jack references the Domesday Book, a census of British holdings taken by the Normans shortly after their conquest in 1066. Matthew quotes Tony Curtis’s unintentionally hilarious line from the movie, “The Black Shield of Falworth” (1954).

My take I think it is interesting that we don’t see what Lyta looks like in the Dreaming, but that she casts three shadows