Weekly Who #15 Brings The Scariest Expanded Universe Stories

It is Halloween Week! This week finishes what last week started as I recount my 5 picks for the scariest pieces of Doctor Who Expanded Universe Content. Readers beware you are in for a scare. (Shoutout to Goosebumps!) Also, I will try to be as spoiler-free as possible and unless noted otherwise the Big Finish audios listed here are on Spotify

  • 5. Big Finish Main Range #49: Master. A sniper sitting on a roof hears a story while they wait for their target’s motorcade to drive by. A dinner party is about to descend into madness as three friends turn on each other. Deep dark secrets will be revealed for the first time. This is the set up for the amazing 7th Doctor audio featuring a phenomenal performance by Geoffrey Beevers as the title character. Master_cover
  • 4. Night Of The Vashta Nerada (Part of the second Classic Doctors New Monsters Box Set not on Spotify:) The recently companionless Fourth Doctor needs a vacation so he decides to visit the recently opened Funworld! Rather Unfortunately the staff and guests at the park have run afoul of the local populace. This absolutely grim tale of horror uses the Vashta Nerada masterfully and it is a delight to hear Tom Baker say their name. 1a-5
  • 3. The Short Story Nothing O’Clock by Neil Gaiman (Found in whatever edition of x Doctors x Stories you find): It is the 1970s and a bunch of masked oddballs is scooping up real estate left and right while inquiring about the time. It is the 2010s and Amy and The Doctor want to know where all the people have gone off to. Enter The Kin who is perhaps in the most hellish position one can be in. For they are one man who simultaneously exists at every point in time. Remember Kids: It is best to practice time travel with someone who knows what they are doing least you become like that guy. 81ZJiwHfoiL
  • 2. Fear Of The Dark by Trevor Baxendale: The second scariest novel I read so far. This tale finds The Doctor, Nyssa, and Teegan on a moon of Akoshemon with an archaeological crew trying to uncover the past of the ancient civilization that once ruled the planet. What they find is far far worse.


  • 1. Campaign by Jim Mortimore: Peak surrealist horror with The Doctor, Susan, Ian, and Barbara. Think a bit of House Of Leaves mixed in with Classic Doctor Who and you’ve got an idea. Essentially The Doctor lands in the court of King Alexander The Great and asks Aristotle if he can help fix up the TARDIS. Wonderfully Bonkers shit ensues. Find it here for free!


What do you all think of my list? Got any Reccomendations of your own? Any Doctor Who themed Halloween plans? let me know in the down below.