The Night Thread Gives a Belated Tribute to Raccoon City

On October 1, 1998, the large midwestern town known as Raccoon City was destroyed by a thermobaric missile. This controversial decision was carried out by the president after the city was devastated by the Tyrant Virus (t-virus for short) for over a week, turning many of its citizens into zombies and other monsters.

And those monsters were particularly heinous. Sources indicate that some biological experiments that roamed terrorized citizens included the plant like “Ivys,” zombiefied police canines. But the most infamous one was the Licker, a blind creature that crawled on all fours and used its long, slithering tongue to attack its pray. We have exclusive footage of a licker from archived screenshot. The following image may be disturbing, especially to young audiences:


The specimens were not the only prevalent news from the incident. Various lives were lost. A majority of the Raccoon City Police Department (RPD) were killed, including a notable figure. Deemed a standup person by many, sources that knew this person have said that he was involved in various crimes, including being bribed by the Umbrella corporation and murder of citizens.

In addition to bribery and coverups, the Umbrella corporation was responsible for developing and releasing the t-virus on Raccoon City. Scholars and activists have claimed this is an example of corporations having too much power over a major American landmark, and the government turned a blind eye towards all of this. The Avocado is unable to confirm or deny these statements.

Two survivors have been noted public profiles, Leon Scott Kennedy and Sherry Birkin. Recounting his experiences, Mr. Kennedy said this in a stilted cadence “Jesus Christ, it was my first day as a cop. When the streets were empty and on fire I thought everyone left to play bingo. I walked into a nightmare. But as an officer, it was my duty to protect and serve anyone in need. Then I realized it was up to us to take out Umbrella.” Mr. Kennedy did not clarify who he was referring to when he said “us.” He blasted a song from his music player akin to this track:

Ms. Birkin has avoided media interviews and coverage for unclear reasons. It is presumed because of the trauma she faced.

While it has been over two decades since this occurred, the Raccoon City Incident remains on the minds of people around the world to this day. The Avocado apologizes for not writing a tribute on the anniversary.

In response to their experience in the city during the chaos, a anonymous survivor simply published the phrase “We do it.” Whatever it is, hopefully we can all do it and keep moving forward.