Werewolf 102 – Day 3

When the townsfolk awoke on the third day, something was different. Something about the world seemed… wider? It was hard for them to put their finger on it, but they felt like they could see a lot more than before, as if their periphery had been torn open by animal claws.

The 4:3 Aspect Ratio (dw) has died. It (he) was a Townsperson (Vanilla Town).

One of the first things they noticed, in fact, just off to the side, was the ever vigilant Werner Krüger, knocked down where he stood, keeping watch over the townspeople. One of his own hunting knives had been driven through his heart.

Werner Krüger (Nick Miller) has died. He was the Jailer.


4 Wolves (Scum aligned) – Win when they eliminate all other players, or when their numbers guarantee a win. Share a group QT in which to conspire. As a group, select one player to target with a night kill each night phase.
1 Serial Killer (Unaligned) – Wins when all other players are dead. Each night phase, select a player to target with a night kill.
1 Investigator (Town aligned) – Investigates one player each night phase. Results are “Wolf” or “Not a Wolf”. The Serial Killer will therefore read as “Not a Wolf”.
1 Jailer (Town aligned) – Selects a player each night to protect from other night actions, and prevent them from carrying out night actions. Cannot protect themself.
9 7 Townspeople (Town aligned) – Just townspeople, that’s it. Try not to die. Town wins when all threats are eliminated.


Captain Oblivious
Nick Miller
Raven and Rose
The Wasp


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  • Don’t directly quote something from Quicktopic.com
  • Don’t discuss anything specifically game related in other threads. Jokes and references are fine, “I think player X is the investigator” is not.
  • Attack arguments not players. Please remember we’re all friends here.
  • Werewolf works best with an active player base so we encourage you to make at least 3 posts a day, otherwise you will be replaced. Please let me know if you think you will need a replacement.
  • Have fun! Failure to have fun may result in being replaced.


  • Reply directly to the Vote Thread comment (sort by oldest) with a player’s name to vote for them to be Day Killed. Votes not made directly in response to that comment will not be counted.
  • You may change or withdraw your vote at any time up until Twilight by commenting again.
  • For the sake of tidiness, please only vote in the Vote Thread. Take conversation and vote explanations elsewhere.
  • Twilight will occur when time runs out, or if a majority of players vote for the same person.
  • In the event of a tie, the kill will be determined randomly from those tied players.
  • No Kill is not an option in this game.


Day 3 will end on Wednesday, September 18 at 5 pm Pacific.