Werewolf 101 – Homecoming (Day 3)

With your thirst quenched and your petite sated, you head to The Big Pep Rally! St. Scholastica’s has a very intimidating football team and it’s time to cheer them on. You sit down on the bleachers and watch the football team run out. You yell and cheer! But where is the school mascot, Danny the Dancing Dragon? He’s still sitting on the bench instead of doing his signature Dragon Dance! The coach runs over him to see what’s wrong. He taps his shoulder but he doesn’t respond. Finally he pulls off his costume’s head to reveal none other than Nate the lesser has lost his head too!

As the gymnasium is thrown into hysterics, Daria, who had been smoking under the bleachers, sees something in the corner of her eye. It shimmers faintly, but she can’t quite make out what it was. Despite the chaos, she has to investigate further. Finally she catches a glimpse of his face: it’s the ghoul Marsfred von Fünfberg and he is fading into nothingness. What could have caused this?

Nate the Lesser is dead. He was a Spooky Student (Vanilla Town).

Mars 5 (Marsfred von Fünfberg) is dead. He was the Honor Student (Investigator).



3 Rival School Faculty (“Wolves”)

1 Poltergeist (Serial Killer) – scum role, can kill one person every night. Win condition is to survive one day kill after the Wolves are eliminated.

1 Honor Student (Investigator) – investigates one player every night to determine if they are town or scum (wolves/serial killer)

1 Hall Monitor (Jailer) – protects one player from death every night. This also blocks night actions.

9 Spooky Students (Vanilla Town)


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Twilight will be Thursday, September 19th at 11AM ET