Werewolf 101 – Homecoming (Day 1)

Welcome to a new year at St. Scholastica’s Academy for Spooky Children! Not only is this a safe haven for all manner of vampires, ghouls, and even werewolves, at this school the other worldly are celebrated! Still, there are forces that wish to do us harm. Faculty from St. John’s School for Average Boys have disguised themselves, and will stop at nothing to shut the school down. There’s also the matter of the school poltergeist who just might scare you to death!

As this is the first day of our new term I, Headmistress Funke, have organized a student mixer for us all to get acquainted. Please stop by to say hello!


3 Rival School Faculty (“Wolves”)

1 Poltergeist (Serial Killer) – scum role, can kill one person every night. Win condition is to survive one day kill after the Wolves are eliminated.

1 Honor Student (Investigator) – investigates one player every night to determine if they are town or scum (wolves/serial killer)

1 Hall Monitor (Jailer) – protects one player from death every night. This also blocks night actions.

9 Spooky Students (Vanilla Town)


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  • Attack arguments not players
  • Werewolf works best with an active player base so we encourage you to make at least 3 posts a day, otherwise you will be replaced.
  • Have fun!
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Twilight will be Sunday, September 15th at 3PM ET