Werewolf 102 – Day 1

If I could have your attention please, meine Damen und Herren. Thank you all for meeting on such short notice. Please, have a seat. There is some space here on the left.

We were all understandably concerned at the sudden disappearance of young Fraulein Krückel yesterday. I have an update on these events, and I’m afraid it is an unpleasant one. Fraulein Krückel was found this morning in the woods near her home, dead. Please, everyone, I must ask you to remain calm.

I have called this meeting because our swift action is urgently needed. After an examination by myself and some of our most trusted village elders, we have reason to believe Fraulein Krückel was killed by a werewolf. This is quite alarming, I know. Our village has been tainted by a terrible scourge, and we must work fast to rid ourselves of it.

[spoiler title=”Roles”]4 Wolves (Scum aligned) – Win when they eliminate all other players, or when their numbers guarantee a win. Share a group QT in which to conspire. As a group, select one player to target with a night kill each night phase.
1 Serial Killer (Unaligned) – Wins when all other players are dead. Each night phase, select a player to target with a night kill.
1 Investigator (Town aligned) – Investigates one player each night phase. Results are “Wolf” or “Not a Wolf”. The Serial Killer will therefore read as “Not a Wolf”.
1 Jailer (Town aligned) – Selects a player each night to protect from other night actions, and prevent them from carrying out night actions. Cannot protect themself.
9 Townspeople (Town aligned) – Just townspeople, that’s it. Try not to die. Town wins when all threats are eliminated.[/spoiler]

[spoiler title=”Players”]Achilles_Dudewrecker
Captain Oblivious
Nick Miller
Raven and Rose
The Wasp


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Twilight will be on Sunday, September 15 at 3:00 pm Pacific.