The Darkest Universe: Setting up Episode 1

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Dark Universe: The Podcast

I worked out a buncha stuff over the last week and this is what I’ve got so far.

First, a rough timeline.

Not set in stone or anything just something to help me visualize. If anyone wants to add movies to flesh this out more, especially “Phase 3” definitely open to suggestions. I’d like all the Executive minded people to give this a go over. Does this work in terms of how you would see the sequels, crossovers, and stand-alones? Lemme know.


Next, I’ve gathered some notes from the comments.

Not really sure how this is going to paste but these are just what I see being where a lot of the discussion went last time. If there’s any of this that people think should be hard vetoed, go for it. If there’s stuff you want to expand upon, feel free. But these are just some general outlines for the background of the Universe:



  • Hard R
  • Dracula starts Weyland-Yutani
  • Lesbian Daughter of Dracula feature?


  • Karsus immortal mummy
  • Brendan Fraser stars/cameos
  • Scroll remembers past lives

Van Helsing

  • Tom Cruise stars as Van Helsing


  • Captain America/Heroic Lead
    • Brad Pitt
  • Better parts for Bride
  • Monster frozen

Invisible Man

  • Jake Gyllenhaal or Ryan Gosling?


  • Spy Thriller starring Rami Malek


  • Dr Seward has Larry Talbot in asylum


  • Shane Black directs initial, sequel is DelToro
    • They hate each other
    • 1st Creature movie is Shane Black, basically Predator
    • Sequel is basically shape of water
  • Main Character Quincey Morris


  • Spiderverse of Draculas
  • Return of Hammer Horror/Peter Cushing
  • Theme Park Dark Universe
    • Structured around Phantom of the Opera set
  • Beetlejuice Musical
  • Monsters vs Marvel/X-men movie
  • Universal lobbies to extend copyrights to protect IP
  • This Island Earth as Endgame
  • MCU embarrassing superhero/monster movies
    • Captain Wolf
  • Universal + streaming service.
  • Owns Star Wars/Star Trek
  • Abbot and Costello WILL be in this universe. Somehow.

“Indie” Adaptations

  • Murders at the Rue Morgue
    • Daniel Craig stars
  • Todd Phillips – The Man Who Laughs
    • Stars Joaquin Phoenix
    • And Zazie Beetz
  • Black Panther equivalent – Candyman or Night of the Living Dead
  • McKellan/Stewart remake of The Black Cat


Ok well where does that leave us?

Getting ready for Episode 1 of the Podcast, of course! I wanna try to record this in maybe 2-3 weeks. Let’s really take some time and flesh this out so it feels like we’ve got a good grasp. Some stuff I need help with:

1 – I want the opening to feel like the beginning of say, Twilight Zone. Just some ominous narration over spooky music. So looking for an ominous voiced Cado, someone who can make spooky music, or just some recommendation for some free license spooky music. Hoping that some more of the music minded folks can take this and run with it.

2 – Custom art at least for the header for now. I know we have a buncha talented artists. I’m hoping for at least something more eye-catching that this boring ass logo I’ve got for the DUCU but I’m not super art minded. Past the header, if people wanna get crazy and do movie posters or illustrations or fake Time Magazine covers, go for it.

Once those are out of the way, let’s start use the comments to figure out where this episode is going. My rough plan is that this is the end of phase 3, shortly after the release of the “Endgame” of the DUCU so far. Lots of recasting and a whole new universe is on the horizon but we also want to celebrate the billion dollar success.

Everything below is absolutely able to be discussed. This isn’t me making a declaration, just my thoughts on where I see this first one going.

– I’m thinking guest wise, I’d like one “executive” who talks mostly about the success monetarily, the tie-ins (from theme park stuff to corporate synergy with top fast food chains right on through the ARG released via the proprietary app. That kinda stuff) and how the Universe is still poised to continue it’s domination.

– I’d like a creative, and this is another spot I need help, whether it’s a writer or costumer or Assistant Director or whatever to really talk about the feel on set. You know “It was bittersweet to say goodbye but capping off this amazing run is truly a blessing for all involved” kinda thing. Make it personal on that level.

– Finally, I want a gossip reporter from a fan website who just knows all the ins and outs. Brad Pitt hated working with Tom Cruise so there are a lot less scenes with Frankenstein and Van Helsing than originally planned. The shooting in Morocco started to go over budget so lots of the Mummy’s scenes were moved to the Mojave. Things like that. Juicy fan gossip.

There’s still a lotta work to do on the background. Especially casting wise. We have all of Hollywood open up here so let’s get some of the main roles at least set. If you are looking for a speaking role on the podcast, lemme know in the comments. Like I said in the initial post, my goal is for this to really be a community thing. Everyone is welcome to contribute and I think there’s some potential for this to be really fun stuff.