Werewolf 100: The One Hundreding – Day 2 (TEAM 2)

The nineteen of you sit, unsure of what to do next. Avocado Town apparently has a pretty good Dunkin’ Donuts, and the pumpkin spice items just opened up. 

As you walk to the Dunkin’ Donuts, you discuss matters such as “What the hell?” and “Why are we here?” and “Are we going to die?”

Sarah Plain, in an uncharacteristic show of taking the initiative, says “i think an appropriate question to ask is why disqus is trying to kill us, as i’m not the biggest fan of being murdered. though i bet i could acclimate to the feeling.”

“We haven’t done nothin’ wrong. We’re just playing the game,” responds Cake Boss. “Hell, I, Cake Boss *cake boss*, died in one of them. Gabagool, and such.”

“My name is John Laurens, and I’m here to say / Is that they sent us to ‘Cado Town just so they could kill us / in a major way,” raps John Laurens in a cool, barely-rhyming way. 

“They can’t do that, that goes against the whole point of Disqus itself. They just give Werewolf a place to run, they don’t run it,” & Brown muses. “It’s like if the ground decided it didn’t like us stepping on it anymore, and swallowed us whole. That’s just not how the world works.”

Everyone nods in agreement, as in this universe this is a thing everyone knew already.

“But Disqus made our break room die. That’s not nice,” babbles Emily Prime. She’s right. Disqus decided to break the rules already. What else would they do to you? And how far would they go to do it? What do they even want?

It’s at this point in the discussion that you arrive at the Dunkin’ Donuts. You each purchase a Pumpkin Spice Latte and a wildly different, very specific donut that causes the donut vendor to be upset with you. You all crowd into a single table with four chairs and talk about it further.

Well, most of you do anyway. Guy Fieri flavortowns his way into the kitchen of the Dunkin, opening the doors to it through sheer moxie alone. He launches into his usual Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives intro, featuring the culinary stylings of the Dunkin’ of Avocado Town, USA. But before he can take a bite into his freshly made chocolate glazed donut, his eyes go wide and the donut drops from his hands.

Guy tries to make a joke, but as he speaks, nothing comes out. The now frantic Guy looks at his hands as a solid gray replaces his usually flushed skin tone. The gray spreads quickly over him, and as it covers his face he drops to the ground, dead.

Creeper (Guy Fieri) has died. He was a simple citizen of the Werewolf Cinematic Universe (Vanilla Town).

Dalton Wilcox was never one to partake in the city-life luxuries like these doughed nuts the rest of the players now feasted on. No, he was a simple man, with simple goals. From his inner vest pocket he retrieves a copy of his prize-winning book. He sighs, and holds the book fondly. This was what life was about.

Dalton is too distracted by his love of the range, and his wife, and his horse, and his poems, and his other observations, that he does not see a group of smarmy-looking folks with blunt weapons approach him. They, to put it blunt-ly (hah!) beat him to death.

Dalton Wilcox (Ralph) has died. He was a simple citizen of the Werewolf Cinematic Universe (Vanilla Town).

You later find his corpse on the sidewalk outside of the Dunkin. On his body there is a copy of his prize-winning book: You Must Buy Your Wife at Least as Much Jewelry as You Buy Your Horse and Other Poems and Observations, Humorous and Otherwise, from a Life on the Range. There is also a copy of his other book, You Must Still Buy Your Wife at Least as Much Jewelry as You Buy Your Horse and Additional Poems and Observations From A Life Still Being Lived on the Range By Dalton Wilcox Who Wrote the First Book. He would never fuck another hole in the ground again.

After mourning your fallen friends, hoping that they’ll appear in the Graveyard again (god, you hope you’ll appear in the Graveyard again), you see the sky flicker in front of you, like a strobe light set to “seizure”. 

You remember that this game came pretty early in the Werewolf Cinematic Universe’s history, and that Owen said something about the old site getting destroyed.

You’re here again? We can’t have that. You’re our favorite website.

The flickering gets more intense. Some of you cover your eyes, the braver of you attempt to call for help, hoping to find one of the original players in Wolf Cops.

The disembodied teenage voice shouts at you again. “Shit! Not again! Okay, I’m getting you guys out of there. Hold onto something, or each other, or–” He is cut off as the world goes completely white. There are a few seconds of horrifying stillness, before the unseen floor drops out beneath you, and you’re plunged into that same rainbow portal.

You end up on the other side mostly unscathed, save from a few bruises from those weird rock stairs you landed on that lead up to a pretty crazy-looking white building.

Wait. Rocks made out of stairs? Cool-looking buildings that you’ve only seen in history books? Vague Greek shouting? You know exactly where you are, even though you’ve only heard it from those lovely religious folk who arrived in the Graveyard a while ago.

This is Werewolf 36: Assassins in Athens. 

Today, the Oracle of Delphi and the False Seer come into play. Both randomly selected Vanilla Town, they will investigate one player of their choice- but there’s a twist!

The Oracle of Delphi– An investigation result of Wolf or Not Wolf is sent to a random player.

The False Seer– The opposite investigation result of Wolf or Not Wolf is sent to a random player.

If you receive information, will you choose to trust it?

Team 2 Players

  1. Donalbain
  2. Lord Stoneheart
  3. ThoughtsThoughtsThoughts
  4. MacCrocodile
  5. Lindsay
  7. Cop On The Edge-Ish
  8. Louie
  9. Glitch VANILLA TOWN
  10. SisterJudeTheObscure
  11. forget_it_jake
  12. HolsGG
  13. Demyx
  14. Subsaharan
  15. Corporal Hicks
  16. Lovely Bones
  17. Shinichiki
  18. Lamb Dance
  19. Creeper VANILLA TOWN
  20. Josephus



  • Town wins when all the wolves and the serial killer are defeated.
  • The wolves win when they are equal to the number of town-aligned players left.
  • Serial killer wins when it comes down to just them and one other person.
  • A tie at the end of day results in No Kill. A majority of living players voting for any one person (or No Kill) ends the day early.
  • No editing posts.
  • No quoting or screencapping from your QTs.
  • Each roled player can only use their role on a member of their own team. 
  • Each day has special roles that can be given to either town or scum. These roles will reflect the day and can influence the results of the game. Once the day is over, the secret roles will be done.
  • Ol’ Pigeonpockets Pete will begin sending messages from the graveyard on Day 2. These messages are largely pointless, we just thought they would be fun.
  • If you have any other questions about rules, please ask in QT, and we will answer publicly here.



  • 1 Town Investigator – gives a result of “Wolf” or “Not Wolf”
  • 1 Town Jailer – protects person from nightkill and using their role
  • 2 Lovers – share a QT, if one dies so will the other 
  • 1 Wolf Roleblocker – blocks person from using their role
  • 3 Vanilla Wolves
  • 1 Serial Killer
  • 11 Vanilla Town

Each role is flavored in a fun way related to a past game. The name of this role doesn’t have much to do with anything.


Twilight is 8 PM EST on Thursday, September 5.