Werewolves 98: Return to Zone Z – Day 4

For those of you just joining us, you have discovered that the entire party fell through some kind of crystaline time warp (where fire is blood or something) and now you’re stuck in 2015. Some of you are taking it better than others.


Nicholas Angel slaps him and grabs him by the shoulders. “I have jurisdiction in 2015! No one is preventing anybody’s birth!”

“At least they still have alcohol,” says E. B. Farnum. He does a three-way clink with Elaine Stritch and Zap Rowsdower.

“Nous nous trompons toujours deux fois sur ceux que nous aimons,” says Duo, absentmindedly.  “D’abord à leur avantage, puis à leur désavantage.” He lights a cigarette and stares into the distance.

Dawn breaks. It is 2 a.m.

“I hate Alaska,” says Big Jim.

You round a corner on the rutted back road you’ve been following. Ahead is a motel. It has a partially burned out neon sign that says EIGHTSTAR MOTOR LODGE.

“There is no way this place has eight stars,” says NorahThief.

“Maybe we’re supposed to haggle,” suggests the cloud of flies.

“Howdy!” says the manager when you walk through the door. He is dressed like a singing cowboy from a 1940s movie serial, and looks alarmingly awake. He puts aside his issue of Frontier Innkeeper Quarterly. “I’m Jasper! You fellas need some room for the night?”

“Hello, yes,” says Evan, using his professional voice. “One room with 21 beds, please.”

“Twenty-two,” says a voice behind you. It’s Lazer Floyd, still covered in dirt from his shallow grave. He gives you a weak thumbs up. “It’s a long story.”

Lazer Floyd, Hyperphysicist (Mr. Glitch) has RETURNED.

Jasper looks at Floyd, then at the rest of you.

“Do you have ID?”

“No,” says Evan.

Pushing 21 trundle beds, you follow Jasper to room 6. There are only two vehicles in the parking lot – a rusted out early ’80s Pontiac parked in front of the office, and an unmarked white van parked in front of room 7.

Room 6 already has one bed in it, and you cram the other beds in next to it, as well as in the closet and the shower, and finally one on top of the vintage console TV.

“I’ll be up from if you fellas need anything,” says Jasper. “Toodles!” And then he’s gone.

“You want to do some Ouiji?” asks Rum Tum Tugger. “I, Rum Tum Tugger, have not Ouij’d in AGES.”

You bust out the board and put all your hands on the pointer.


You then watched, awed, as the pointer moves around, revealing a mystic word that makes no sense: “XPKJKSUIJEAVFBLLNFXBUVESMEKSAGCXLAEWYBAYX.”

“Thank you, o motel spirits,” says Betty. You put the board away and climb into your respective beds.

“Do you think this means anything?” asks PTA Sharon, after a quiet moment of thought.

“Maybe,” says Big Jim. “But maybe it’s something we can never know.”

And with that, you put the pillows over your eyes to block out the rising sun, and go to sleep. Or, at least, most of you do.

Evan slowly creeps across the beds, moving slowly so as not to make any squeaks, like he’s an old-timey cartoon character or something. He eventually reaches Dr. Octavius. Quietly, he reaches into his pocket and pulls out a tiny xylophone made of human bones.

And they say a hero can save us,” he hums under his breath as he plays, “I’m not gonna stand here and waaaaait.”

“No,” says a familiar voice behind him, “you’re not.” Before you know it, Evan is flopped over dead next to Dr. Octavius, bleeding from a hole where his liver used to be.

Things are pretty quiet after that, but some of you hear voices coming through the wall from room 7. ...going through this again…dar returns, but we can’t wait any longer…thern Limit, but I wouldn’t worry…no, YOU listen to ME!

You drag yourselves out of bed at 8, which is when somebody set the alarm clock for.

“AHHHHH!” shrieks Dr. Octavius, waking up covered in blood next to Evan’s body. “I HATE when this happens!”

Evan (E-Dog) has died. On his body, you find a paper bag that says LOVELY BONES, the bonephone, and a business card from a U.S. intelligence agency. None of you recognize the seal. He was the BONEPHONER and a STATE AGENT.

“Aw dang,” says Howeird, astral projecting over the room. “Big Jim is big dead.”

“What?” says Sharon, who has the bed next to Jim’s. She gives his limp form a shove. “Huh, guess that checks out.”

Big Jim (Wasp) has died. In his rumpled jacket, you find a spark plug wired to a battery and a paper bag that says GLITCH. He (she) was the JAMMER and a Scientist.

“Big rip,” says Bill Moneysales.

You wash the dirt and blood off yourselves, put on clean underwear that may or may not fit, and head down to the office.

“You folks ready for the continental breakfast?” asks Jasper. He waves proudly to three boxes of cereal and a chafing dish filled with sausages.

You look at it. “Yes,” says Moss.

You sit down at the various tables, which appear to have been intended as patio furniture and are covered in checker-print vinyl. Over the counter is a TV so old it has knobs, and the local news is playing.

“…and police are still on the search for a group of people who robbed the Cryoliteville Kmart last night. Employees describe them as “dirty” and “weird,” and believe they may have been under the influence of drugs. The following surveillance footage shows the alleged thieves ransacking the shelves.”

“Hey Jasper,” says PTA Sharon, “I think I see the people from room 7 stealing towels.”

As soon as he’s out the door, she shoots out the picture tube.

“We need to leave,” says Nick Furry.

You scarf down the rest of your breakfasts, run out the employee door in the back, and disappear into the woods behind the motel. You still don’t know why you’re in 2015. Maybe the motel spirits can help?


  1. E-Dog – Evan / Bonephoner and STATE AGENT
  2. Spookyfriend – PTA Sharon
  3. Ralph Waldo Wiggum – Peggy Hill / Implosionist and STATE AGENT
  4. Jake – Nick Furry
  5. Louie Blue – Oliver Bunny
  6. Sister Jude – Elaine Stritch
  7. April LKD – A voice on the wind, Li’l Rex / Frogtor and scientist
  8. The Hayes Code – Dr. Olivia Octavius
  9. Mayelbridwen – A swarm of undead undead flies
  10. Hohopossum – Astral HOWEIRD Possum
  11. Goat – Gort v4.0 / Radar and scientist
  12. Owen – Big Dawg
  13. InDEEEED – Nicholas Angel
  14. MacCrocodile – The Ball Fondlers
  15. Lindsay – Rum Tum Tugger
  16. Wasp – Big Jim / Resurrected
  17. Grumproro – Betty Grof
  18. Mr. I’m My Own Grandfather – Zap Rowsdower
  19. BannerThief – NorahThief Schuhart
  20. DemyxDancer – Bill Moneysales, Senior Director of Marketing for Windmill Real Estate, Inc., Ltd.
  21. Mr. Plow – Moss / Resurrected
  22. Lamb Dance – Duo the Owl
  23. Lovely Bones – E.B. Farnum
  24. Mr. Glitch – Lazer Floyd, Hyperphysicist and Supergalactic Man of Action / Resurrected


  1. Josephus Brown
  2. DW
  3. Flubba


  • 18 Scientists (TOWN)
  • 5 Government Agents (WOLVES)
  • 1 Unaligned (SERIAL KILLER)

This count will NOT be updated as the game goes on.

  • Everybody has a role. Roles can change. All roles will initially be secret.
  • There isn’t a hard order that night actions occur in. This is to allow as many of them to go through as possible.
  • This game, like the original Zone Z and the House of Wimbiscus, will feature Events. Events are real-time opportunities for the characters to change the story. They tend to be chaotic, so I went to reassure everyone that they won’t affect the basic werewolf mechanics of voting and night kills. They’re in a class by themselves.
  • Death in this game is not necessarily permanent. Check your QTs daily. However, there will be a total of five resurrectees, after which no one else will come back.
  • Town wins when all the wolves and the serial killer are defeated.
  • The wolves win when they are equal to the number of town-aligned players left.
  • Serial killer wins when it comes down to just them and one other person.
  • Additional win conditions may become available as the game progresses.
  • A tie at the end of day results in No Kill. A majority of living players voting for any one person (or No Kill) ends the day early.
  • No editing posts.
  • No quoting or screencapping from your QTs.
  • If you have any other questions about rules, please ask in QT, and I will answer publicly here.
  • Last, and most importantly: Anything I (as moderator) say, from Day 1 onward, could be a lie. Use your best judgments to find the truths of Zone Z.

Day 4 ends 8 p.m. EDT on Wednesday, August 14.