Comic-Con 2019 Thread: Friday

Programming Schedule (All times Pacific):

10:00 am – Writing Avengers: Endgame (Hall H). Screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely will talk about writing the latest Avengers film.

10:00 am – Warner Archives Presents ‘V’ (6DE). The original 1980’s mini-series V from 1983 is getting a blu-ray release later this year, so join series star Marc Singer and other cast and crew to discuss the sci-fi classic.

10:30 am – Cartoon Network First Look (6A). Featuring new and returning shows, Craig of the Creek, Mao Mao, Heroes of Pure Heart, Victor and Valentino, Summer Camp Island, and The Fungies.

11:00 am – The Russo Brothers (Hall H). After listening to the Avengers: Endgame screenwriters talk, how about listening to the directors?

11:45 am – DuckTales (6A). The cast and crew discuss the Disney Channel original series.

12:00 pm – Robot Chicken (Indigo Ballroom). This is still on the air, but Aqua Teen Hunger Force is not. What world am I living in!

12:00 pm – Fear The Walking Dead (Hall H). Come listen to the cast and crew talk about the latest season of the show before the midseason finale.

1:00 pm – Rick & Morty (Indigo Ballroom). Come watch people scream “I’m Pickle Rick!!” live and in person. It’ll be hilarious.

1:00 pm – Steven Universe (Ballroom 20). Series creator Rebecca Sugar and various member of the voice cast will be on hand to discuss the show and upcoming movie, as well as premier the trailer.

1:00 pm – The Walking Dead (Hall H). With no Game of Thrones this is probably the most high profile TV panel at the convention. Good luck getting in. Fun fact, Chris Hardwick I moderating, so I guess we’ve all just forgiven him now!

2:00 pm – Genndy Tartakovsky’s ‘Primal’ (Indigo Ballroom). Samurai Jack creator has a new show coming to Adult Swim.

2:15 pm – The Witcher (Hall H). Get your first look at the upcoming Netflix original series based on the popular video game/book series.

3:30 pm – The Dark Crystal (Hall H). Continuing the Netflix train, get your first look at the upcoming series The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

4:00 pm – Bob’s Burgers (Indigo Ballroom). Come see Archer star H. Jon Benjamin talk about being on Bob’s Burgers.

5:00 pm – Archer (Indigo Ballroom). Come see Bob’s Burgers star H. Jon Benjamin talk about being on Archer.

5:30 pm – Game of Thrones (Hall H). Huh, I guess they’re still doing a panel for this show.

5:45 pm – Creepshow (6BCF). Horror streaming service Shudder is making a horror anthology series based on the Stephen King/George A. Romero classic. Series showrunner Greg Nicotero, and actress Adrienne Barbeau will be on hand to discuss the show and the original movie.

7:00 pm – Preacher (Hall H). Seth Rogen is going to be there and talk about the AMC show. You think he’ll be high?!

7:15 pm – Batman: Hush (Ballroom 20). Be the first to see the upcoming DC Animated film Batman: Hush before it comes out on blu-ray on July 20th.

7:30 pm – Fear The Mega64 Panel (5AB). Comedy group Mega64 will once again showcase a cavalcade of funny videos and engage in awkward Q&A with their fans.

8:00 pm – Rooster Teeth (6DE). Comedy group Rooster Teeth will once again showcase a cavalcade of funny videos and engage in awkward Q&A with their fans, but in a larger room, not that anyone is keeping score.