Muh God! It’s a Lion & the King Day Thread!

Lion and the King aka Lion and the King 2 aka Lion and the King 3 aka The Lion and his Son aka The Lion and his Son 2 aka Son of the Lion King is a Dingo Pictures knock-off of some little known Disney movie about talking lions.

The film tells the story of Robin (presumably the “lion” of the title, as opposed to “the king”) who goes off in search of lost diamonds belonging to the dreaded Black Panther (or maybe the treasure was actually vibranium). Along the way, he meets the son of the Black Panther, and despite proclaiming that he thinks that they should be enemies, he eventually becomes friends with him. Also, the Black Panther is married to Kala the gorilla from Disney’s Tarzan.

Classic quotes from Lion and the King include…

“The diamonds?? MUH GOD!!!”

“Look at that. My son is hunting other animals. That is not the way for a prince to behave.”

“The animals owed it to Robin’s cleverness that they were able to cheat and drive away the Black Panther.”

“Don’t go too far. Don’t forget about the Black Panther. Surely he wants revenge. Yes.”

“No, I think we should be enemies.”

“Shut up, Dundee.”

But don’t take my word for it. Here’s the official plot summary from Amazon (which has a one star review proclaiming it “garbage”, but I’m pretty sure that guy’s a troll), which describes everything accurately…

“The king of the jungle and his son return with more fun and excitement in the heart of the jungle! It’s an action packed adventure of a lifetime as the Lion King’s hardheaded son Robin searches for a fortune in buried treasure against his father’s wishes. But will the Black Panther’s son Keno find it first?”

Here’s one of many DVD covers this movie has, by the way…

the lion and his son
But enough of my blabbing. If you wish to experience this “adventure of a lifetime” for yourself, you need only venture to YouTube…

Have a MUH GOD day, Avocados!