“Mom Sauce” American Dad! S16E13

Steve’s life is turned upside down when Snot gets rich after his mom starts selling a new dipping sauce. Klaus, Stan, Roger and Jeff become mall fashion show models

Snot is poor, we get it.  That’s been established.   So Snot and his mom have dinner at the Smiths.  Francine serves up her fabulous salad dressing.


Meanwhile Stan, Jeff, Roger, Klaus, and Haley are at the mall, and get approached by a teenage wasted suggesting they become models.  Haley wants no part of these schenanigans and pretty much sits this one out.ad2.png


Snot’s mom rips Francine’s salad dressing and creates her own take on it.  Pizza Overlord makes it their new dipping sauce, making Snot and Snot’s Mom rich.  Steve feels ripped off and a friendship rift develops.


Francine admits to Steve that she only used Newman’s Own and thus was not ripped off.  Steve rats Snot’s Mom out  to the Newman Corp who send her to prison.  Mrs. Lonstein’s “Toilet Wine”!  Prison shankings too.  Steve helps get her out of prison with it.



Of course Steve and Snot reconcile by the end of the episode.   Surprise surprise.

Meanwhile in B Plot news, Stan, Jeff,  and Roger become mall models with Klaus as their manager.  The “joke” is that models have to lose at much weight as possible by barely eating.  We’ve already seen Stan grossly under weight before, so no new ground here.


Klaus had a new spank magazine as well.


I gotta admit, this episode did not do it for me.  Very mediocre, even on a second watch.  And that’s all I have to say about this episode.

Grade: C+