The Thursday Politics Thread Is Puttin’ On The Ritz

Morning Politocadoes!

As the Trump European Vacation enters it zenith today with the 75th anniversary of D-Day, let us step back and ruminate on how this man does not belong anywhere near any of this.

From his awkward gait, to his, seemingly intentionally, badly tailored evening wear to his poorly fitted Churchill hat, he is a man not suited to any of this, yet eagerly embraces the pomp and circumstance anyway. download.jpg

He is boorish, ignorant of political realities, and has infinitely more in common with the opponents of freedom and democracy that the allies sought to defeat than he ever would with his historical predecessors. He seeks praise merely for being who he is, he is unmoored from any sense of decency. He will cheerfully speak with the queen or recite portions of FDR’s speeches yet at the same time he will ominously discuss the possibility of war with Iran. He will claim to be proud to serve, but only in the really good wars, you know? Not in Vietnam, a ‘country no one has ever really heard of’.

He brought his large adult children on this trip. The New York Times had the gall to run a story that favorably compared the Trumps, not only to the Kennedys, but to the royal family itself. Trump reportedly wanted Princes Harry and William to meet with Don Jr Ivanka, Eric and the Other One as a sort of  meeting of the next generation. Lord.


Democrats need to be lining up every single one of their most prominent members right about now. The GOP would be gleefully butchering any Democratic president that behaved this way.

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