Werewolf 93: Night in the Woods Day 4

Refreshed from a good night’s sleep, you walk to the Party Barn for band practice. Ms. P is feeling especially chatty today.

“I hope none of the bad guys is nursing a grudge.”

“Would anyone like some herbal tea?”

“Could you help me make a ‘Please don’t kill me!’ poster on the back of my medical degree?”

A group of cloaked individuals jump from the bushes and snatch her up.

“Don’t let them take me! I’M THE SCHOOL NURSE.”

You blink. “We…we know,” says Bea.

“I didn’t!” shouts Mr. Peanut Butter. You blink again.

The more spry among you try to catch up with the cloaked figures, but to no avail. They disappear with Ms. P in tow.

Ms. P (Wasp) is dead. She was the School Nurse (Doctor).

Setting up for band practice, Gregg is tuning his guitar when he spots something out of the corner of his eye.


Next to the theremin he would have been playing, the squirrel knight is found cold, pierced by an arrow.

Sir Lora (Zecko) is dead. He was a Concerned Villager (Vanilla Townie).

You shake your heads. Instead of the space opera you were planning, you decide to let Angus growl his way through a death punk ditty called “Pumpkin Head Guy”.


6 Concerned Villagers (Vanilla Townies)
1 Cross-bow Wielder (One-shot Vigilante)

3 Conservative Uncles (Vanilla Wolves)
1 Head Honcho (Wolf Roleblocker)


Louie Blue

Twilight will be at 8 PM CST on Sunday, June 2nd.

Town is very close to losing. Pray that you hit a wolf today, or that the vigilante shoots more accurately tonight.

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