Werewolf 93: Night in the Woods – Day 3

A crowd had gathered in the Ol’ Pickaxe to view the Town Founding Play. Bea Santello stands behind the counter, unlit cigarette in her mouth, giving off palpable boredom.

“Through the mists of time I see/ weary fur trappers, from 1793.”

The actors are dressed like beavers, which you’re told is insensitive, but no one raises a stink about it. You stand there learning a bit of local history, as well as the depths to which Snack Falcon employees will sink in order to promote their acting careers.

As you file out, you notice two among you are missing. Where did that fellow from Corgiland go?

Lord Stoneheart is dead. He was a Concerned Villager (Vanilla Townie).

While searching for him, you find Ser Pounce arrowed to a wall, and now his watch has ended.

Lamb Dance is dead. He was a Concerned Villager (Vanilla Townie).

Pastor Kate was perusing the booths at the Harvest Festival when a fortune teller caught her eye. She didn’t believe in such things, but she thought it was important to know everyone in Town, and to make herself known to them.

“Welcome,” the old porcupine told her. “Spin the wheel and see what fate has in store for you.”

And why not? Kate gave the painted wooden wheel a quick turn, and as the symbols whirled by she thought how she might start a conversation with the old lady.

A clock-face.

A red heart.

A black ram.

Pastor K’s eyes widened, and without another word, she exited the tent and wandered past the booths, through the village gates, and into the woods. She was never seen again.

LOLCat (Grandfather) is dead. He was the Hip Pastor (Jailer).

Black Goat has claimed 2 victims. If they claim 3 more, they win.


7 Concerned Villagers (Vanilla Townies)
1 School Nurse (Doctor)
1 Cross-bow Wielder (Two-shot Vigilante)

3 Conservative Uncles (Vanilla Wolves)
1 Head Honcho (Wolf Roleblocker)

1 Black Goat (Serial Killer)


Sister Jude
Louie Blue

Twilight is at 8 PM CST tomorrow, Friday the 31st.

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