The Thursday Politics Thread Doesn’t Not Call For Impeachment

Morning Politocadoes!

Mueller speaks!

Yes, in a rare appearance from the Special Prosecutor on Wednesday, Robert Swan Mueller III delivered a statement regarding his investigation and subsequently tendered his resignation from the Department of Justice.Mueller told us exactly what we already kne, though he did say it in a rather non-intuitive fashion. He stated there was interference from Russia through the use of Wikileaks to swing the 2016 election the way of one Donald Trump. This was aided through a social media operation where Russian agents posed as Americans to affect the outcome of the election. Also, outlined in the second volume of the report, is whether there was any attempt to obstruct the investigation and if they had confidence that the President did not commit a crime then they would have said so.


Finally, he explains, for the people in the back, they could not charge him with anything, because DOJ policy prevented them from indicting a sitting President with a federal crime for a number of technically fine, but still dumb, excuses. In short.


So it’s up to Congress, everyone. One chamber, entirely given over to the sin and vice that Trump has allowed them to luxuriate in openly with impunity, and the other, run by a party that I’ve collectively referred to as essentially the Ewoks on more than one occasion over the past three administrations.

Don’t wanna be a downer. This is still good news. It just means we need to bother the hell out of our congressmen until impeachment proceedings begin.

In other news, Andrew Miller one of Roger Stone’s former aides, has finally agreed to testify before a grand jury. He has appealed this multiple times and moments after it was announced that Mueller was going to hold a press conference, this happened.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu failed to form a government today. He is the first Israeli Prime Minister to fail to do so. New elections are set to be held in September. Dare we hope that multiple corrupt politicians go down this year?

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