The Weekly Music Discussion Thread Doubles Down

Let’s discuss any and all music here. You’ve got a new artist who’s rocking your boat that you want to talk about? Post a video! Found out about that unearthed Coltrane album that has the jazz freak in you losing your mind? Lay it out for us! Do you have a theory about what your favorite band might do for their next album? Let’s hear it! Anything and everything music-related goes here.

This week’s discussion prompt: Double Albums


  • What are some of your favorite double albums? My favorite is pictured above – if you’re bored at work later, have a bit of fun playing “spot the differences” between the classic album cover and the photo in the header!
  • Is there a double album that you think might have worked better as a single LP? This idea is generally anathema to me – I’ve gone on numerous times about the best ways to enjoy both the double “white album” and the triple album Sandinista without skipping a track (though I understand I’m in the minority on this). Nonetheless, getting rid of the “inessential” or “bad” songs (even if whatever those are seems to vary wildly from person to person) to make a supposedly more cohesive, concise statement seems to be a popular idea. If you feel so inclined, post your alternate single LP track listings for those (or any other double album) down below!
  • Alternately, is there a standard-length album that you think might work just as well or even better as a double album by using contemporaneous B-sides, outtakes, and/or songs that originally appeared on compilations and soundtracks? Some artists are so prolific (or have such poor judgement) that even their throwaway tracks are just as good or better than what made the cut, and some planned double albums were whittled down to a single album at the last minute. To give an example, The Clash’s 1982 album Combat Rock was originally planned to be a double; there are unofficial reconstructions out there that I won’t post links to here as that seems to be frowned upon, but for anyone who’s interested going to Google armed with the knowledge that it was originally going to be titled Rat Patrol from Fort Bragg might come in handy.

For more information on arguably the greatest double album of all time (or unarguably my favorite double album of all time),  a brief read that sums up the album’s history and appeal nicely can be found here.

And if you like the Minutemen or enjoy music-related documentaries, if you haven’t yet check this out as soon as possible:


Of course, any and all music-related topics (Minutemen-related or not) are welcome. Have fun, and as always, rock out with yr guac out!