Werewolf 93: Night in the Woods

(This game will contain light spoilers for the 2017 game.)

Werewolf is important, but so is life. This is an ad-hoc game meant to fill in for Lutair’s anime-inspired outing. I’ll do an official intro for Day 1 when it starts later today. Read below for the roles and rules.

12 Villagers (Vanilla Townies)
1 Noble Cop (Investigator)
1 Hip Pastor (Jailer)
1 School Nurse (Doctor)
1 Cross-bow Wielder (Three-shot Vig)

3 Conservative Uncles (Vanilla Wolves)
1 Head Honcho (Wolf Roleblocker)

1 Black Goat (Serial Killer)

The roles should be familiar and self-explanatory, except for Black Goat. If Black Goat successfully claims five victims, he automatically wins.


Everyone who had signed for Lutair’s game has a reserved spot and will be presumed to be playing. You may either reconfirm and get a QT immediately (as soon as I make them), or opt-out and pass to one of the backups on Lutair’s list. If I do not hear from you by noon today, I will assume you’re still playing..

Reserved Players:
1. Grumproro
2. Raplh
3. Goat
4. Mr. ImMyOwnGrandfather
5. Sister Jude
6. Owen
7. The Hayes Code
8. Lovely Bones
9. hohodor
10. forget_it_jake
11. Louie Blue
12. BannerThief
13. spookyfriend
14. Otakunomike
15. dw
16. Lord Stoneheart
17. Donalbain
18. Lamb Dance
19. Zecko
20. Lindsay
21. Wasp

1. Annanomaly
2. Indy
3. Jam
4. subsaharan

Please confirm or opt-out below.