AVoCADo GamesCast #48: Welcome to Our Anime Podcast

Soooo… this podcast went places. Mr. Glitch, Wolfman Jew, Ben, The Kappa, and I intended to talk about Pokémon Detective Pikachu and magic in video games, and we succeeded on both those fronts. However, we also ended up talking about Sonic the Hedgehog (-sigh-), “imouto” anime (-sigh-), and horny Pokémon (-mega sigh-). Tsareena and Salazzle fans, this episode is for you. (This might also be the most that the band Len has been discussed since 2001.)

Titles that were rejected for this episode:

  • The Sex Lizard
  • Reverse Asshole
  • Good Times at the Prolapse Café

Yeah, it was that kind of episode.

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0:15 – Introductions
5:55 – Detective Pikachu
15:30 – Project Sonic Watch 2019
30:05 – What We’ve Been Playing
1:40:00 – Magic in Games, Part 1
2:01:15 – A Digression on Anime
2:09:55 – Magic in Games, Part 2
2:17:55 – Narrative Framing Devices
2:26:05 – Magic in Games, Part 3
2:32:45 – Conclusions