Werewolf 92: Survivor — Day Six

After Professor Jake’s death, the remaining contestants walked back to camp four abreast, no one wanting anyone else behind them. Though saddened by the death of his ally (who didn’t even say goodbye, but only nodded at him in a very narratively unfulfilling way), Ghost cheered up immeasurably when they arrived at camp and he realized that it was their last night, so he could finally eat the chickens that had been taunting him all game. As he happily chased down every last clucking one of them, Izzy caught Sue’s and Gregg’s eyes and jerked her head meaningfully towards the forest.

The three convened in a clearing, and Izzy said, “Okay, team, this is what we’ve been preparing for.”

“I’m ready!” said Gregg. “Got cups on my ears!”

“Ready for what?” asked Sue.

“Oh right, you’re, like, new to the SCBs,” said Izzy. “Okay, just hold this” – she handed Sue a chainsaw – “and screech at the top of your lungs when I say go. Gregg, you’ve got the death machete?” Gregg nodded eagerly. “Right then. One . . . two . . . three . . . go! FORM! OF!! GIGA-BEAR!!!”


Lamb Dance / Ghost is very dead.

Clapping slowly, Jeff Probst entered camp, carefully stepping over a few grisly Ghost bits.


“Congratulations, Survivors,” he said, still clapping in a way that was becoming increasingly unnerving. “You have made it to the finale, where one of you will be named Soul Survivor, and the other two will die screaming. Let’s bring in the Final Jury.

Screen Shot 2019-05-21 at 11.01.52 AM

Finale Rules

The finalists are Jude, Goat, and Hayes.

After deliberating here on the OT, the 17 Final Jury members (or however many show up) will cast their votes in their individual QTs to determine the Soul Survivor of Survivor: The Reckoning. If there is a tie for first place between two players, the third-place player will decide the winner. If there is a three-way tie, Jeff Probst and Tyler Perry will burn the thread down hold a revote (if still tied, there will be a tiebreaker challenge or something, God, please don’t do this to us).

The Final Tribal Council will be held at 8:00pm EST, when the winner will be announced. In the meantime, here on the OT, the Final Jury members are encouraged to offer their thoughts on and/or ask questions of the three finalists, and the finalists are encouraged to respond to the Final Jurors and make their case for why they should be the last player standing. No more challenges, no more twists – it’s in the Final Jury’s hands now.

The Players
  1. Captain Video / Aria Speedwagon
  2. Mayelbridwen / Sandra Diaz-Twine
  3. Goat / Space Pirate Rupert Boneham
  4. Sister Jude / Sue Hawk
  5. Lindsay / McGruff the Crime Dog
  6. dw / Joe Anglim
  7. InnDE / Jonny Fairplay
  8. Hayes / Izzy, aka E-Scope, aka Brainzilla
  9. April / Jeff Kent
  10. The Wasp / Jane Goodall (and Peanut)
  11. Owen / Reba Hart
  12. Louie / John(nie) Cochran(e)
  13. Grumproro / Kim Spradlin
  14. subsaharan
  15. Lamb Dance / Ghost
  16. ThoughtsThoughtsThoughts / Stephenie LaGrossa
  17. MacCrocodile / Professor Jake, from Tennessee
  18. Ralph / Lillian Morris
  19. spooky / Jay Starrett
  20. Mr. Glitch / Glytch Grylls

Survivor History Corner

For this final installment of “Survivor History Corner,” we’re going back to the beginning, the iconic “rats vs. snakes” Final Jury speech by Sue Hawk endorsing finalist Richard Hatch, who became the first to hold the title of “Sole Survivor,” beating out Kelly Wigglesworth. Here’s a writeup from the folks at the Purple Rock Podcast, a Survivor podcast from some AV Club commenters from back in the day.

Nearly 52 million people tuned in for the season 1 finale of Survivor, and Richard beat Kelly by one vote. Was that thanks to Sue’s speech? Honestly, probably not – but it made for great television anyway and remains one of the most memorable moments in Survivor history, nearly 20 years and over 500 episodes later.

Day 6 (and the game) ends at 8:00pm EST on Tuesday, May 21st.