“Lost Boys” American Dad! S16 E06

Friendiversary time.  Steve and the boys (Snot , Berry and Toshi) are celebrating 10 years of being friends ever since they all met in the ball bit at Chuck E Cheese.

Meanwhile Roger needs a squash partner because reasons.  Of course Roger will not be denied and plots to get Steve to break his plans with the boys


Of course Roger breaks up that gang.  Steve becomes his squash partner, but he’s terrible at this game.  And Roger screws Steve over because of course he does .


Steve becomes too clingy and Roger goes into panic mode.  Klaus and Roger travel to Tampa FL to fix this predicament.  We learn that Klaus actually has friends in Florida.


In B story news, Jeff has a talent, flipping houses.  Or does he?


Not a bad episode, but nothing great going on here.   Just standard material overall

Grade : B-

Random Observations

Steve : “Roger go away.  It’s friendiversary swim day”

Roger : “Why  don’t come over here and swim into some strange?”


Barry:  “I haven’t felt this betrayed since Scrubs moved to ABC!”

Roger: “Life is like a game of squash.  You gotta keep on whacking!”

Redneck : “We gonna make Hulk Hogan president”