Avocado Weekly Movie Thread (5/21)

Stop me if you’ve heard this one.

A street rat in a red vest and white harem pants evades a villainous Grand Vizier named Jaffar. He’s accompanied by a thief named Abu and aided by a flying carpet and a genie. Along the way, our hero sets eyes on a princess and falls in love. The princess, though, is being pressured by her father, The Sultan, into an arranged marriage.

Tell me, Princess, just when did you last let your heart decide…

Disney’s Aladdin lifted so many elements from 1940’s The Thief of Bagdad that watching it is almost like you’re watching an alternate universe take on Disney’s live-action version. The characters, the costumes, the sets, the animals, the music at times.

The Thief of Bagdad was also a landmark in special effects. The movie was the first major use of blue screen in film. Blockbusters would never be the same again. For its groundbreaking advancements, the movie won Academy Awards in Cinematography, Art Direction, and Special Effects. The trailer below is a handy summary, showing off catching footage still impressive to the modern eye. Moreso when you realize that next year the movie will be 80 years old.  Old enough to be your grandpa!

This weekend, Disney’s Aladdin hits theaters. You know, where genie Will Smith was loved and embraced with open arms by everyone.

Today’s prompt is:

What is your favorite cinematic fairy tale adaptation, live-action or animated?

As always, come and talk about a whole new world of movies with me.

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