The Toybox: Role Play and Prop Items

I was at Value Village the other day (a chain thrift store that is full of used clothing, vhs and dvd collections, old lamps and broken toys and electronics).  It’s close to my work and I usually pop in on a lunch break every couple of weeks to check out the DVDs.  I wandered over to the toy aisle and lo and behold, they had an Optimus Prime voice changer helmet that was mostly complete.  It had some scum and dirt on it, and there were smiley face stickers over one of the eye lenses, but a bit of soap and water and elbow grease would spiffy it up. I knew my kids would love it, and it was luckily still in functioning order when I plugged in the batteries.

I have also picked up lightsabers (the Force FX saber line from about 5 years ago was amazing…they were $40 for what is now essentially a Black Series $200 replica at toys r us), an old Revenge of the Sith Darth Vader helmet (that one I got for $20 at a comic shop), and the occasional Halloween costume prop (we somehow ended up with Jason Voorhees’s Machete).  Action figures and vehicles are the main collecting focus, but sometimes you can’t beat a decent quality role play item where a kid (or grown-up) can pretend to be the character.  The best part is that role play culture has resulted in people making their own props and toys for conventions, and my six year old and I have wasted lots of time looking up how-to DIY videos on YouTube.

So, what was your favourite role play item from your childhood? Was it He-Man’s power sword?  Han Solo’s electronic blaster?  A worn-out Halloween costume?

Use this space to discuss any and all toy related subjects.