Best Sandwich Tournament – Nominations

Hi there, it’s Colonel Mustard! You may remember me from such tournaments as “Cake Vs. Pie”! If that one wasn’t enough to start a bloody Civil War amongst the commenters, this one just might. We’ve been threatening it for a while, but it’s time. Time to pick the champion of sandwiches.

Put your nominations below, and then start fighting it out! A couple of ground rules:

1) Make your nomination by making a top-level comment. Anything in replies will not be counted.

2) There are some standards that will be in the tournament no matter what, so no need to nominate those:

-Meatball sub
-Reuben (corned beef, obviously)
-Pulled pork
-Grilled Cheese
-Tuna Melt
-Po Boy
-Banh Mi

3) Much as I’d love a repeat of the Boston Cream Pie debacle, I’m putting this up front: Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, and Tacos aren’t going to be in this tournament.

Go nuts!