Jeopardy! recap for Fri., May 3

Jeopardy! recap for Fri., May 3 – Introducing today’s contestants:

– Carol, a retired database administrator from California, didn’t stop traffic on the Golden Gate Bridge with her wedding;
– Pete, an airline pilot from California, had lunch with Alex years ago at the Air Force Academy; and
– James, a professional sports gambler from Nevada, is an aspiring Ninja Warrior. James is a 21-day champ with winnings of $1,608,627.

James faced no competition at all but was denied DD3, so entered FJ with “only” $47,381 vs. $5,800 for Carol and $4,600 for Pete.

DD1, $1,000 – CLASSIC LITERATURE – Part One of “Les Miserables” is “Fantine; Part Two is named for this daughter of hers (On the first clue of the game, James won the house limit of $1,000.)

DD2, $1,200 – GETTING ALL SCIENC”E” – Proprioception is a synonym for this sense of balance (James won $11,381 from his total of $24,400.)

DD3, $1,200 – GOVERNMENT & POLITICS – He became U.S. Attorney General in 2019, 27 years after taking the job for the first time (Carol won the once and future default DD wager of $2,000.)

FJ – WORDS OF THE 2000s – In 2008 Time Magazine described this new practice as “one part social networking and one part capital accumulation”

Only James was correct on FJ, adding $35,000 to win with $82,381 for a 22-day total of $1,691,008. The James show will now go on a two-week hiatus for the Teachers Tournament.

Triple Stumpers of the day: No one guessed the “delicious” style of preparing spinach is creamed, and couldn’t complete the old-timey phrase “stuff and nonsense”.

This day in Jamestown: Among the hidden abilities displayed by James today were the Vulcan salute and streaking.

Correct Qs:
DD1 – Who is Cosette?
DD2 – What is equilibrium?
DD3 – Who is Barr?
FJ – What is crowdfunding?